Saturday, 24 January 2009

Worcester Graduate

Aiden Parsonage is one of the exhibitors in the Graduation Show at the Gallery. As he lives locally and gained one of the early degrees from Worcester University I would like to show you some of his work and pass on what he has to say -

"I guess my inspiration to draw and paint began when I was very young. I liked the reaction I received from others when I created an image on paper. I suppose everything I do, (down to styling my hair!) is to provoke a reaction - a positive one hopefully.

I was told at the tender age of two, I would sometimes sit and crayon for hours. On regular car journeys, I would get excited at the sight of the buildings and the chimneys that towered up into the sky. Maybe, it was how different the very same structures appeared against a changing skyline that interested me. This may have led me to where I am today...

At the age of seven, I was invited to draw a portrait from an old photograph. The artist said because of the detail I had shown, that I had a leaning toward graphic art. I enjoyed working in monotone and fine detail for years, winning a local arts and crafts competition with a pencil drawing of an old ruined Welsh chapel when I was fifteen years old.

I continued in my art studies, with still life and landscape, but it was during my time at Telford College of Art and Technology, and modules based on colour that seemed to unleash my inspiration to work with colour structures and pattern. I was very interested in the works of Gustav Klimt.

I have recently graduated from The University of Worcester with a B.A. Honours degree in Art and Design. During my final year there, I was painting, but felt no real connection with the subject matter, until I stumbled across the works of Turner. It was like a "light bulb had been switched on in my head"!

Aiden also says " It has been a fantastic journey, and it's continuing.... "

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