Monday, 19 January 2009

Gates and an Alsation

What a Sunday we have just had - Round about lunchtime a very large white long haired alsation stood at the entrance gate and barked incessantly. Loud and Furious.

When approached it appeared vicious and was obviously distressed. This went on for quite a long while and visitors to the Gallery could neither (and there were quite a few walkers in the café at the time) come in nor go out.

Eventually the police arrived and were able to catch this dog with the help from neighbours and they took it to Danemere Kennels where it will be well looked after and hopefully reunited with its owner.

This brings me round to telling you about our entrance gates. These secure and ornate metal gates were fitted about this time last year.

When you visit The Gallery you can’t miss our fabulous gates designed and made by
Neil Lossock a Herefordshire metal sculptor who regularly exhibits in The Gallery Courtyard. He says "The inspiration for these gates came from the two large Chestnut trees at the entrance which have been there for many years".

Over the past decade Neil's work has received critical acclaim at both national and international level and we were pleased to include his magnificent metal sculptures in our Sculpture Trail last year and look forward to some new pieces in this year's Garden Show which opens again in June.

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