Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Curator's View - August 2015

This month is particularly interesting.  Two of our featured makers have been included because I saw them when they shared a large stand at Ceramic Art London in 2014 - something I don’t think had been done before.  Dennis Farrell and  

Angela Verdon

 have known each other for a long time and they recognised that their utterly contrasting styles would create an impact that would do much to enhance both their work – and so it did. 
I was particularly impressed and felt then that they should be seen in tandem at Bevere. Dennis will be known to some of our visitors for his organic painterly pots strongly influenced by land and seascape. Angela’s pieces are sculptural, sinuous pure white pieces that demand our attention. It will be her first showing at Bevere. The challenge for me will be to maximise the contrasting bodies of work to the benefit of both. Let me know what you think.

Linda Styles
 is the third featured maker and provides yet more contrast. Described as a heady mix of the quirky, haunting and thoughtful, her work is not easy to categorise. Abstract decoration with a free use of contrasting colours gives her pots a
--> ‘second look’ quality which has been a characteristic of her work for some time. Linda is a three dimensional ceramic artist whose work is uncompromising and strikingly original.

During this month we will also be showing new work by Andrew Palin.
A completely different colour palette marks his return to making after recovering from a major operation. Once again we see how time out from the business of making is often the trigger for a change in creative direction.

To say there is something here for everyone is a cliché I know, but part of the joy of curating is to bring together unexpected alliances and to indulge in free-wheeling contrasts. It works for me!