Friday, 2 December 2011

A December Message from Stuart Dickens our Ceramic Curator


Pottery by Tim Andrews with paintings by Jessica Leighton
Whilst we take pride in the range and diversity of ceramics on show at Bevere, there are occasions when the juxtaposition of work has a quite extraordinary impact on both eye and hand. I say hand because so many visitors have found it difficult to resist handling the sensuous burnished vessels of Tim Andrews who must surely rank amongst the best of raku potters in the UK.

A selection of Marcio Mattos's Pottery

New work by Marcio Mattos is always welcome. He is a jazz bass player and a potter and the free, organic nature of his pots reflects his love of improvised music. He is one of a small group of potters who also make music professionally. 
"Pack of Hounds " by Ostinelli and Priest

Once again Ostinelli and Priest have exceeded expectation with two extraordinary sculptures. A pack of hounds which for me is so redolent of Boxing Day and the Quorn Hunt captures the barely contained enthusiasm for the chase and a splendid horse with two riders - a knight and maiden - entitled ' Then We Shall Journey Together'.  Their work has a very special quality which captures the essence  of their subjects whether beast or human.

We have new work from Lara Scobie. Her use of Parian clay accentuates the freshness of her decoration which reflects the sunlight beautifully and makes you wonder why anyone would not want to have fine handmade pieces at the table.

Lara Scobie's Display in the Cafe

The annual Graduate Show is being held next month and in some ways the current work on show is the benchmark for the work that our chosen graduates will be showing.

They may not be as accomplished -yet - but we will be looking for craft skills, creativity and innovation.

Above all it will be that individual voice that we value so much in the many ceramicists on show here. There is already a great sense of anticipation.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

THE CURATOR'S VIEW - November 2011

There are times when Bevere has a particularly stunning group of pots made by talented and original voices. It is also becoming apparent that an eclectic mix of work can excite and stimulate as well as demonstrate once again the diversity and contrast in contemporary ceramics.

Tina Vlassopulos
Sam Hall
Sam Hall  sits next to Tina Vlassopulos with the contrasting abstract expressionism of Sam's flat forms and Tina's monochrome sensuous organic vessels.

Add to the mix a striking small group of Tim Andrew's constantly developing pots and once again serendipity proves to be the surprise element in the curatorial process - sometimes chance provides the most exciting and unexpected connections.

This is the first work from Sam that we have had and we are delighted with his selection. This is his first show for a year and his flat forms show how he has recharged his creative batteries. Sam is now an established member of that small group of painter/potters.

Tim Andrews  with Jessica Leighton's paintings
Tim Andrews new work takes him in a new and to some extent experimental direction. His tiered saggar pieces combining porcelain, stoneware and raku elements are very different from the work we expect from Tim. We look forward to seeing even more examples of these vessels as they develop.

Tessa Wolfe Murray
I should add that we have new work from Tessa Wolfe Murray, vases, small wall pieces and her jewellery.

Jane Blackman

They provide, along with Jane Blackman's landscapes in clay, a genuinely contemplative atmosphere in the gallery.

I hope that our visitors will be as enthused as I am about this great coming together of ceramic art and craft.

Stuart  Dickens  
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Friday, 30 September 2011

Message from Stuart Dickens - October 2011

The Curator's View

The last quarter of 2011 is set to provide a rich variety of new work in the gallery. The first of these is Tina Vlassopulos who has long been a favourite of mine. Among the hand-builders, Tina's vessels stand out for their elegant organic line and subtle burnished shades. The small group of her work currently in the gallery
demonstrates the qualities of her pots very well. There is now a serene corner where, as someone else said, the pots have been made contemplatively for contemplation.

Why is she such a favourite of mine? All the above, plus a real timeless quality which ensures that her work sits well in both contemporary and more traditional settings. The work is made with painstaking craft and her choice of a soft monochrome finish enhances both volume and line. In the hand they are pebble smooth and cool to the touch - no PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH signs here!

There is clearly no hiding my enthusiasm for Tina's work - do come and see for yourself.

Last month I wrote a piece about a new (to us) ceramic artist - Mike Bromage.
I am so pleased with the positive feedback we have had from our visitors. A truly original talent and someone we will continue to promote. The impact of his pots and painting at the entrance to the gallery is such that we intend to leave it for a while longer - do come and see his pieces if you have not had the chance already.


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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Evening Buffet

We were pleased to welcome 24 ladies
from Trotshill W.I.

They  enjoyed a 'Social Evening' on September
 13th in the

  Bevere Gallery CafĂ© 

Buffets or Dinners designed to your specific requirements and budget

 now available in the evening for private groups up to 25 people

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

FATG Branch Meeting


Some words from Kim Smith retiring Branch Master-

Our "Framing" is a member 

"Nine companies were represented at the AGM of the West Midlands Branch of the Guild which was held at Bevere Gallery, Worcester on Thursday 8th September. 

After 3 years as Branch master, Kim Smith stood down and Louise Hill of Permajet was elected as the new Regional Organiser and Robin Whetton of also of Permajet as Treasurer. In addition to the AGM, members had a most enjoyable visit to the Gallery to see some different of ideas of attracting visitors in today’s difficult market.

Our thanks to Al and Kim of Bevere for their hospitality and excellent food".

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


 A message from  Stuart Dickens our Ceramic Curator

This month sees a wide range of work from potters new to Bevere and new work from old friends. The pieces now on show maintain our reputation for quality and diversity as well as showing exciting and, if you will, challenging ceramicists.

We are always looking for new and original ceramicists. In a recent discussion with Richard Godfrey he enthused about the talent of a young man - MIKE BROMAGE - who had been working with him in Devon. We are now delighted to have a small group of Mike's work which confirms Richard's high praise. The colour and clarity of the decoration is stunning and we are in no doubt that he will be  featured regularly in the gallery. We are also hoping to have some of his paintings in the near future
Mike's Pots with Mixed Media Paintings by Magdelena Gazur
DENNIS FARRELL's painterly seascape pots have been featured in the gallery to date, now we are pleased o be able to show new work which depicts the woodlands near his home in Shropshire.

Dennis's' ceramics  displayed in the Gallery
These atmospheric pots show a genuine painter/potter at work. We liked his evocative seascape pots however this new work has a very different feel.

JAMES HAKE is one of the most accomplished young potters whose work gives a strong contemporary feel to traditional oriental style pots. His use of tenmoku and nuka glazes is particularly fine. We are featuring his work this month and we know that many of our visitors will enjoy this impressive group of pieces.
Selection of James Hake's Pottery in the Gallery

MATT HORNE has perfected the use of crystalline glazes on well thrown bottles. The choice of colour combinations is particularly attractive and a small selection of his work has already been much admired. Here is an example of the use of a technique which was  popular in the late 19th and early 20th century that still catches the eye in a contemporary context. There will always be a place for high craft in any period.
Matt Horne's pottery on show

Amidst this new work, we are also extending the displays of Carolyn Genders' and Walter Keeler's latest work.

 Carolyn Gender's ceramics with paintings by Thelma Ayre


Walter Keeler's ceramics with paintings by John Harris

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Valerie Brigg's In residence

Val is in Residence in the Stable Workshop till 28th August.


 Val has been involved with the Gallery for over 30 years  - dating  back to the days when it all started as Bevere Vivis Art

Through the years she has been involved with many activities - Exhibitions, Demonstrations, Art Shows, Classes and much much more and it is great to have her here in person in the Stable Workshop till 28th August

Her wildlife  and nature paintings and drawings  are on show for Gallery visitors to enjoy. Also the chance to meet her and engage in friendly conversation

Some of Val's  artwork on show

She will be putting the finishing touch to the painting of Tiddesley Wood she has so generously donated for private Auction:-

From Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Blog
A watercolour painting by Worcester-based artist Valerie Briggs is being auctioned by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.
Val starting on the Painting

nearly done!
The nationally-renowned artist has donated the painting to the county’s leading conservation charity to help raise funds for their work.  The painting features the carpet of bluebells at Tiddesley Wood, Pershore, and a series of vignettes of the wildlife found in the wood.

Sian Bakewell, Grants Officer for the Trust, explained “We’re really grateful to Valerie for donating this beautiful artwork.  Valerie’s work is collected by people throughout the UK so we’re very fortunate that she’s donated her time and this painting to help wildlife in the county.”

Valerie has been exhibiting her paintings for nearly 30 years and is dedicated to recording the flora and fauna of the British countryside. 

Many of her paintings are of local scenes and she is especially drawn to our county’s waterways that provide green corridors for a wildlife population under the constant threat of urbanisation.

Valerie commented “The idea came about because of the close association I have with the Tiddesley Wood Open Day that the Trust holds each May.  The event was celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and I wanted to do something to celebrate the occasion and help raise much needed funds for the Trust.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed researching the wildlife for the vignettes – that’s often the hardest part. I had not realised that there were Perry Pear trees in the wood and that the noble chafer beetle existed. I am grateful to Harry Green for helping me out there with reference material. “

Valerie will be putting the finishing touches to the painting during her residency at the Bevere Gallery from 20th to 28th August.

Any reader that would like the painting hanging on their wall should send their bid in a sealed envelope or via email to Sian Bakewell, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, Lower Smite Farm, Smite Hill, Hindlip, Worcestershire, WR3 8SZ or .

There is a reserve price on the painting and the auction will close at 9am on 16th January 2012.

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Friday, 19 August 2011

Walter Keeler - Featured Ceramist in Bevere Gallery - from August 10th 2011

Walter Keeler

Message  from our Ceramic Curator -  Stuart Dickens :-

Display In The Gallery

It is always a pleasure to spend time with Walter Keeler and his pots. He lives and works in a quiet corner of Monmouthshire surrounded by a delightful cottage garden and a silence that tells you that you are in the heart of the country

His home has impressive examples of his work from several decades and he has shelves of antique pots, some of which have influenced the development of his ceramics.

It was difficult for Walter to get his work to us for the current show and it was definitely no hardship for us to visit South Wales particularly as we had pretty much a free choice of the pieces for the gallery. Spoilt for choice hardly seems an adequate phrase!

Noticeably, every piece is mint quality. Whatever direction his work takes the precision, clarity of line and the sheer brilliance of his glazing and decoration are evident in every pot. Like so many master potters he is modest about his skill and extraordinary facility with his chosen medium.

8 of the 24 selected
The pieces we eventually selected are a snapshot of his current output. We also learnt that he has been developing  a yellow glaze and I have to say that the combination of his ink-wash grey glaze and the soft yellow is stunning. Unfortunately there were none of the yellow pots available but some were promised - watch this space.

Our visit was all too short, but as always when we left, life seemed that much better for the time spent with one of our great craftsmen.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


The ceramic works of Matthew Chambers are born from a love of geometric and constructivist art, architecture, and design. 

Matthew is one of those ceramicists who invariable provoke the response - How does he do that? Each of his remarkable pieces is a testament to his extraordinary skill in both the design and the making.

JOY BOSWORTH - Artist in Residence June 2011

We enjoyed getting to know Joy better during her time in the Stable Workshop  and look forward to her return when she comes to fire her leather- hard pots produced while she was here

Joy says:-

"I have enjoyed my time as Artist in Residence at the Bevere Gallery immensely.  I was able to enjoy the pleasant sounds of people chatting over coffee and lunch whilst
working in the Stable on my pots, and to engage in conversation with those who were interested in
my activities.
The Bevere Gallery has a welcoming atmosphere and the work displayed is the best
of the best in the ceramics
world, displayed alongside paintings and prints.  It is well worth a visit."
Pots drying off after completion
A selection of Joy's finished pots available in the Gallery & to 'buy on line'
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