Sunday, 17 June 2012


When we made the decision to devote the gallery space and grounds to the Cornwall Crafts Association (CCA) during July and August, the exhibition seemed a long way off, now it is almost here and the work of fifty makers has been delivered. As usual on these occasions, it is like Christmas every day as we unpack boxes and unwind the bubble wrap.
The event, as our flyer indicates, is in two month long shows and everyone who visits will be able to come again and see a new set of exhibitors in the main gallery. We know that there is a deal of excitement on the Peninsular about this exhibition. For many of these makers, it is an opportunity to reach a new audience and for others to renew their relationship with Bevere. What we like is that the majority of makers have never shown here before. We have discovered a wealth of talent and craft skills, which we are delighted to share with our visitors.
The exhibitors involved are too numerous to mention individually and it would be invidious to name only one or two amongst so many exceptional makers. The main body of work is from ceramicists, as you would expect at Bevere, however, the CCA represents a wide range of arts and crafts and we have furniture makers, sculptors, printmakers, textile artists, jewellers and glass makers, who have been equally delighted to be part of this celebration of Cornwall’s art and craft.  
It is good to have potters who have trained and worked at the old Leach pottery and other makers whose work is redolent of the Cornish land and seascape. The French call this ‘terroir’, which in essence is about the influence of location or the spirit of place, if you will. We cannot be certain that the weather will be kind to us – although we can but hope – needless to say it will take more than rain to dampen the spirit and the heart that clearly pervades this exceptional event.

Stuart Dickens