Friday, 5 September 2014

THE CURATOR'S VIEW - September 2014

One of the stimulating aspects of curating our featured maker programme is not only the extraordinary diversity of styles and approaches of the work we show at Bevere, but the prospect of showing a maker that we have not shown before.

 I have known Annie Turner
 for some time and at last I have managed to agree an exhibition date that works for her. Annie lives and works in Suffolk and her work is strongly influenced by the River Deben close by where she lives and all of her pieces are redolent of the East Anglian landscape. Despite the geographical focus, her distinctive work has a wide appeal – it has a strong contemporary feel which is well grounded in the heritage of the environment in which she lives and works.
Fritz Rossmann the German potter is no stranger to this gallery and the combination of opacity and translucence in the porcelain body of his some of his pieces always makes for a ready talking point with our visitors. He is often to be seen demonstrating at shows like Art in Action and his craft skills and strong design sense are universally admired. He is a delightful, modest potter whose work we are pleased to show again.
Yo Thom is also a
familiar maker to the gallery although it has been some time since we had a new group of pieces.

Like so many young potters she is striving to combine bringing up a family with the rigours of the making process. The work we have just received is classic Yo Thom. It is functional with an oriental aesthetic and every piece bears her characteristic decoration which is simple and enhances the shape and volume of each pot.

Once again these three potters reinforce our commitment to diversity and contrast – which is always a good reason to visit Bevere Gallery.

Stuart Dickens