Saturday, 20 March 2010

A Host of Golden Daffodils in the Gallery Garden

The Garden is now open

for Gallery visitors to wander at leisure and view the spectacular scene of the wild Spring Daffodils and crocus spreading over the lawn under the old oak tree with ceramic sheep sculptures looking on

 Late but definitely worth the wait

Also enjoy a short walk through the canopy of laurels as they pass the 100 year old weeping holly

Students enjoying a break during a Weekend Painting and Drawing Class with Valerie Briggs
Sculpture Trail 2010 opens on May 29th

Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Salt Show- March Exhibition 2010

The Salt Show

The launch,  at the beginning of March attracted many visitors to visit this
  exhibition which demonstrates the growing interest in salt glazing and the diversity of the styles and approaches.

Salt-glazed ceramics were first created in the Rhine Valley of Germany in the 1500s. Whether by accident or clear intent, salt was introduced into the kiln and the resulting ware was coated with a glossy, pebbly, glazed surface. This is what salt-glaze potters call the telltale "orange peel" effect. German immigrants who settled in the United States brought the technology to the US and used it to create utilitarian vessels for storing food and liquids.

Tom White (painter) and
Jeremy Nichols (potter) during the launch.

Modern studio potters using traditional salt processes are working in many areas of the world. The unique salt glaze finish captures spontaneous changes in atmosphere and colour. The method is considered a tool for ongoing experimentation and creativity

 New works from four celebrated Potters using Salt Glaze in this exhibition:-

 Paul Jackson, 
Micki Schloessingk,
Jeremy Nichols
Richard Dewar

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


We were delighted to be able to show Michael Flynn’s work in The Gallery's last exhibition. This particular piece generated a lot of interest and is typical of the energy and exuberance that so often characterises his figures.

Catching the Cock shows how well Michael interprets the classical Meissen figurines, which are undoubtedly one of his influences, and yet still produces sculptures which are very much of our day.

This figure is almost alive. The loose potting and painterly decoration gives the work a real sense of movement and purpose. It is this freedom which is so often the signature characteristic of his body of work.

This piece has only been shown in museums before and we are therefore particularly happy to be featuring it at this time.

Clive Bowen's Large Pot Comes to life.

Wonderful everlasting arrangement in the Porch of the Georgian Residence  adjacent  to the Gallery  created by Anita Bufton

Anita's creative flowers  and decorations are always on view and  for sale in the CafĂ© Upstairs