Monday, 2 September 2013

THE CURATOR’S VIEW - September 2013

Anyone with an interest in ceramics will be aware of the historical importance of Wobage Farm and Michael Casson, one of the important figures in late 20th century studio ceramics. Sadly, Mick is no longer with us, but his legacy remains in the vibrant group of makers that continue to espouse quality and diversity in their craft. As was said in his Guardian obituary in 2003 “ he did not promote a single philosophy or approach, proclaiming the broad vista of possibilities that pottery offered as fertile territory in which a creative individual could flourish.”

 It is a pleasure to see the Wobage potters in a single collaborative show - Jeremy Steward, 
Patia Davis, Sheila Herring, Sheila Casson, Clare and Andrew McGarva.

 Wobage has long been seen as an important and influential cooperative which has supported and trained many potters. For me this Wobage feature is an opportunity to see the range of work that continues to be produced there and to pay tribute to a group of potters that maintain the ideals that Mick established back in 1977.

There is a spirit at Wobage which welcomes young potters and is open minded about styles and approaches to the craft. They are enthusiastic teachers and many aspiring potters owe much to their tutelage. It is a pleasure to promote their work which adds much to the richness and diversity that Bevere already brings to our visitors.


I am also able to announce that the exhibitor list for the 8th Bevere Graduate Show has just been finalised. I am in no doubt that this year’s show will be amongst the best we have curated – see what you