Saturday, 4 November 2017


It was a pleasure to have two highly respected makers joining us for lunch. David and Margaret have been making together for over fifty years and notwithstanding the passage of time they continue to be creative and curious about possibilities.

They spent considerable time with their pots talking about the making process and their inspiration. What emerged very clearly was that their undoubted craft skills were learnt through making significant amounts of domestic ware in their early days,  which meant repetition throwing and precision. It is their combination of skills and creativity that continue to drive their not inconsiderable output.

They are aware that it is increasingly difficult for makers to earn a living as they have done throughout their professional lives. Increased costs, changes in the market and public taste are all impacting on makers.

They related many anecdotes about their experiences here and on the continent where they travelled and sold work when they were young. Interestingly coming to terms with the different cultural status of ceramics in various countries was an issue we talked about at some length.

What clearly drives both of these fine makers is the desire to make – yes, selling is important to pay the bills but making is at the heart of every aspect of their lives together. As Margaret said at one stage – it may be fifty years but we are still learning.

It was a tremendously stimulating experience enjoyed by all of us.