Sunday, 20 February 2011

Bevere Graduate Award Winner - Jewels Williams

We at Bevere Gallery, were delighted that Jewels won the Graduate Award 2011 its always been
our belief that she puts a little bit of herself into each and every one of
her pieces which come across in the strong shapes and delicate but emotional
decoration.  We are looking forward to working with Jewels throughout 2011.

Following a meeting in the cafe with Jewels last week, we have discussed
further a collaboration for the next year, including her working in our
Stable workshop for a couple of weeks over the summer, where visitors can
come and chat to Jewels and see her make her porcelain pots.  Once these
dates are finalised we shall be adding them into the Stable Workshop
programme which will be detailed on our website.  Jewels is constantly
producing new pots so hopefully we will always have some on show in the

Jewels says

" I work in porcelain. The material is versatile and beguiling and I enjoy every aspect of every process from inception to completion.

At each stage the porcelain changes, from sensuous softness, through chalky mattness to its final ceramic form. This evolution is completlely absorbing but it is the sofness of the clay when thrown or stretched which I find particulaly hypnotic and drives me to repeat the process again and again.
I have always been fascinated by two things, the sea and mud.  Once I discovered I could combine both in a creative way I was hooked.
 I grew up looking at France from my bedroom window; the window was, for a small child fairly high so the view that punctuated my world was the line between sea and sky.  Just about everything I make tries to describe that line.
 That explains the coastal stuff but why mud?
Mud is a child’s best friend.  It is warm, soft and malleable in summer, hard and keeps its form in winter; clay has the same properties but so many more possibilities.  Porcelain is clean mud!
Winning the Bevere Gallery Graduate Award 2011 is fantastic, they are known as a serious ceramics Gallery promoting a wide diversity of work, to be given their support and validation is amazing.  I am really grateful to them for selecting me for the Graduate Show and to the public for voting for me".