Tuesday, 30 June 2015


This month we have four featured makers. Two have never shown at Bevere before and it is a pleasure to have them here throughout July and hopefully beyond.

James Campbell is a distinguished maker and I cannot understand why we have not shown him before. Never mind, I am delighted that his work is here now. His focus is very much on the relationship between form and image. The painted scenes on his functional pieces are about the spirit of place and as you turn a jug or look at a plate from a different angle new perspectives emerge. This is the joy of three dimensional painting.

Daniel Boyle makes wood-fired, salt-glazed ware with a strong contemporary feel. The craft tradition is here, sure enough, as you succumb to the desire to handle this tactile work. Studio ceramics can bring so much added pleasure to mealtimes and I am in no doubt that Daniel’s work epitomises that notion.

Peter Hayes has shown at Bevere over a number of years and his creativity never falters. This small group of pieces has emerged from his work in developing a craft village in India. He has given much to local craftsmen and, in turn, he has discovered new materials and processes. These pieces, shown along with some of the more recent ceramic work we have of Peter’s, are made of bronze and glass to brilliant and original effect.  

Wendy Kershaw uses porcelain, as she says, to ‘illustrate an intimate world in which small acts of everyday life are imbued with importance. Skilled artwork and her sideways look at the world produces wall pieces which we know our visitors will be drawn to. Once again we are showing the work of an original talent and along with our other featured makers we have a rich and diverse mix in the Bevere tradition.
 Stuart Dickens