Friday, 30 September 2011

Message from Stuart Dickens - October 2011

The Curator's View

The last quarter of 2011 is set to provide a rich variety of new work in the gallery. The first of these is Tina Vlassopulos who has long been a favourite of mine. Among the hand-builders, Tina's vessels stand out for their elegant organic line and subtle burnished shades. The small group of her work currently in the gallery
demonstrates the qualities of her pots very well. There is now a serene corner where, as someone else said, the pots have been made contemplatively for contemplation.

Why is she such a favourite of mine? All the above, plus a real timeless quality which ensures that her work sits well in both contemporary and more traditional settings. The work is made with painstaking craft and her choice of a soft monochrome finish enhances both volume and line. In the hand they are pebble smooth and cool to the touch - no PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH signs here!

There is clearly no hiding my enthusiasm for Tina's work - do come and see for yourself.

Last month I wrote a piece about a new (to us) ceramic artist - Mike Bromage.
I am so pleased with the positive feedback we have had from our visitors. A truly original talent and someone we will continue to promote. The impact of his pots and painting at the entrance to the gallery is such that we intend to leave it for a while longer - do come and see his pieces if you have not had the chance already.


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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Evening Buffet

We were pleased to welcome 24 ladies
from Trotshill W.I.

They  enjoyed a 'Social Evening' on September
 13th in the

  Bevere Gallery CafĂ© 

Buffets or Dinners designed to your specific requirements and budget

 now available in the evening for private groups up to 25 people

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

FATG Branch Meeting


Some words from Kim Smith retiring Branch Master-

Our "Framing" is a member 

"Nine companies were represented at the AGM of the West Midlands Branch of the Guild which was held at Bevere Gallery, Worcester on Thursday 8th September. 

After 3 years as Branch master, Kim Smith stood down and Louise Hill of Permajet was elected as the new Regional Organiser and Robin Whetton of also of Permajet as Treasurer. In addition to the AGM, members had a most enjoyable visit to the Gallery to see some different of ideas of attracting visitors in today’s difficult market.

Our thanks to Al and Kim of Bevere for their hospitality and excellent food".

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


 A message from  Stuart Dickens our Ceramic Curator

This month sees a wide range of work from potters new to Bevere and new work from old friends. The pieces now on show maintain our reputation for quality and diversity as well as showing exciting and, if you will, challenging ceramicists.

We are always looking for new and original ceramicists. In a recent discussion with Richard Godfrey he enthused about the talent of a young man - MIKE BROMAGE - who had been working with him in Devon. We are now delighted to have a small group of Mike's work which confirms Richard's high praise. The colour and clarity of the decoration is stunning and we are in no doubt that he will be  featured regularly in the gallery. We are also hoping to have some of his paintings in the near future
Mike's Pots with Mixed Media Paintings by Magdelena Gazur
DENNIS FARRELL's painterly seascape pots have been featured in the gallery to date, now we are pleased o be able to show new work which depicts the woodlands near his home in Shropshire.

Dennis's' ceramics  displayed in the Gallery
These atmospheric pots show a genuine painter/potter at work. We liked his evocative seascape pots however this new work has a very different feel.

JAMES HAKE is one of the most accomplished young potters whose work gives a strong contemporary feel to traditional oriental style pots. His use of tenmoku and nuka glazes is particularly fine. We are featuring his work this month and we know that many of our visitors will enjoy this impressive group of pieces.
Selection of James Hake's Pottery in the Gallery

MATT HORNE has perfected the use of crystalline glazes on well thrown bottles. The choice of colour combinations is particularly attractive and a small selection of his work has already been much admired. Here is an example of the use of a technique which was  popular in the late 19th and early 20th century that still catches the eye in a contemporary context. There will always be a place for high craft in any period.
Matt Horne's pottery on show

Amidst this new work, we are also extending the displays of Carolyn Genders' and Walter Keeler's latest work.

 Carolyn Gender's ceramics with paintings by Thelma Ayre


Walter Keeler's ceramics with paintings by John Harris

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