Sunday, 3 September 2017


It was a great pleasure to have Kyra Kane join us as our guest to this month's Maker's Lunch.
Kyra had her first show at Bevere in 2016 and it was very well received then. She has exemplary skills evident in her finely thrown porcelain pots. Once again, we are seeing porcelain as the ultimate clay body for tactility and luminescence. Her vessels are elegant and have great presence.
As we anticipated Kyra, with a reputation as a fine teacher of ceramics, is an articulate speaker who gives real insights into the development and expression of her creative drive. She prefers to use porcelain – difficult as it can be to work with – as the 'canvas' for her pots and she talked about the importance of brush choice in the decorative process and the use of black in all its shades to enhance her vessels.

She also talked about the volume of her pots and the importance of the inner as well as outer dimensions of each bowl.  She particular likes using Limoges porcelain and although less physically able, as handworking clay has taken its toll over the years, enjoys making large vessels. Although using black for decoration, she introduces colour such as yellow which brings fresh nuances to her pots.

It is the physical act of making – and making that meets her expectations rather than others – that brings her immense pleasure. Such is her creative drive that she can never see herself not making  - whatever the scale or form may be in the future.

At the end of an engrossing two hours together everyone left with a smile – it was that kind of experience..

October's 'Lunch with the Maker' is with Barry Stedman on Saturday October 7th contact us for more details and to book your place.