Wednesday, 9 November 2011

THE CURATOR'S VIEW - November 2011

There are times when Bevere has a particularly stunning group of pots made by talented and original voices. It is also becoming apparent that an eclectic mix of work can excite and stimulate as well as demonstrate once again the diversity and contrast in contemporary ceramics.

Tina Vlassopulos
Sam Hall
Sam Hall  sits next to Tina Vlassopulos with the contrasting abstract expressionism of Sam's flat forms and Tina's monochrome sensuous organic vessels.

Add to the mix a striking small group of Tim Andrew's constantly developing pots and once again serendipity proves to be the surprise element in the curatorial process - sometimes chance provides the most exciting and unexpected connections.

This is the first work from Sam that we have had and we are delighted with his selection. This is his first show for a year and his flat forms show how he has recharged his creative batteries. Sam is now an established member of that small group of painter/potters.

Tim Andrews  with Jessica Leighton's paintings
Tim Andrews new work takes him in a new and to some extent experimental direction. His tiered saggar pieces combining porcelain, stoneware and raku elements are very different from the work we expect from Tim. We look forward to seeing even more examples of these vessels as they develop.

Tessa Wolfe Murray
I should add that we have new work from Tessa Wolfe Murray, vases, small wall pieces and her jewellery.

Jane Blackman

They provide, along with Jane Blackman's landscapes in clay, a genuinely contemplative atmosphere in the gallery.

I hope that our visitors will be as enthused as I am about this great coming together of ceramic art and craft.

Stuart  Dickens  
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