Saturday, 28 February 2009

Miss Worcester’s Visit

We were delighted to welcome Rosabella Styles to the Gallery.

She is 19 and became Miss Worcester 2008/09.

She arrived to model for a photo shoot for the Worcester News as they wished to promote ‘Upfront’ an exhibition of Art bras in support of The Breast Cancer Charity.

The exhibition in the Café Upstairs finishes on Sunday 1st March

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Spring Watercolour Workshop - Landscapes, Animals & Birds

The first of 2009’s Spring workshops for beginners and improvers with Valerie Briggs our well-known wild life artist got off to good start.

Enthusiastic students spent a whole day painting and pastelling under Val’s guidance and instruction in the Gallery Craft Room at Bevere with a break for lunch in the Café upstairs.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Half Term Pottery

Sue and I have had many pottery make-ins at Bevere over the last thirty years. Now was a chance to hand over some of our expertise to our grand children!

Josh, Harry, Bertie and Ollie enjoyed themselves under our guidance in the Gallery pottery department.

They threw pots on the wheel and hand made a selection of clay models just like a
Bevere Pottery Party

Saturday, 14 February 2009

UP-FRONT Exhibition in the Café

An exhibition of Art Bras in support of The Breast Cancer Charity

Up-Front are a group of female artists who met whilst studying City and Guilds Embroidery at Malvern Hills College, Worcestershire.

When their studies had finished they looked for a way to continue their friendship and share their creativity. In 2006 Up-Front was formed.

Following similar lines to the altered book genre, each artist chose a bra and through a variety of techniques, which included painting, beading and hand & machine embroidery, transformed the garment into a stunning piece of art.

Although these original pieces are not for sale they are being exhibited alongside complementary works of art by Up-front that may be purchased and a % from each purchase will be donated to The Breast Cancer Society.

UP-Front are Corrine Phillips, Cheryl Kirby, Valeri Jillard, Jill Holland, Gilly Mound, Sue Jewkes, Judith Clarke and Sue Hutchins.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

February Exhibition - In the Coach House Gallery

Exciting exhibition now replaces the Graduate Show in the Coach House at The Gallery at Bevere
The work of renowned potters – Walter Keeler, John Pollax, Phil Rogers, Carolyn Genders, Jane Hamlyn and many others. Also Andrew Hazelden whose ceramics have been influenced by his time in the Aldermanston Pottery.

This Pottery kindly let us have on loan a small collection of fine works by


Alan Caiger-Smith is now 79. In 2006, he and his colleagues undertook the final earthenware and lustre firings at the Aldermaston Pottery, which he established in 1955. Described as the master of majolica, Alan was almost solely responsible for the renaissance of tin glazed and lustre pottery - a style popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. Notwithstanding his personal vision he was particularly concerned to work as part of community of like-minded potters.

Alan has never been in the mainstream of studio potters. Nevertheless his wonderfully decorated pots, with their deft, flowing brushwork, have been exhibited and sold widely in the UK and internationally, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere. The examples of his work shown in our gallery are testament to his skill as well as the appeal of his work over the last fifty years.

To produce lustre ware takes three firings and it is the third with the addition of compounds of copper and silver which produces the desired effect during an extensive low temperature firing, around 660°C, with several periods of reduction (restricted air flow).

Writing in Crafts magazine in 1981, Alan argued, “pottery for use does not necessarily have to be basic. It can easily and naturally add a touch of ceremony to many everyday situations”. There must be many thousands of kitchens and tables across the world whose daily routine is enhanced by the presence of these fine pots.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

February Exhibition - Beyond the Tradition


An exhibition of Ceramics by
Lisa Hammond, Vicky Shaw, Yo Thom and Ashley Howard.

And Paintings by Richard Corbett and Ali Yanya in the New Space Gallery.

This exhibition was successfully launched in spite of the wintery weather. There were a number of visitors including three of our exhibitors- two potters, Vicky and Yo and artist Richard with their families.

Photos - Richard with two of his paintings, Vicky with her daughter and some of her work and Yo near her beautiful stoneware pots.

Book of the month - 'Compositions: Colour – Pattern – Form' by Vicky Shaw

This exhibition runs till the 1st March

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Sculptures In The Snow

Preparations are going ahead for two new exhibitions in the Gallery at Bevere commencing on Saturday - 'Up-front' and 'Beyond the Tradition.'

But we were distracted by a heavy snowfall which covered our outside courtyards and garden.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Art Group at The Gallery

The Art Group meet in the Craft room and Pottery in the main building adjacent to
The Gallery at Bevere.

It is open for members to paint on Wednesday mornings and due to an influx of new interest we are now extending to most Thursday and Saturday mornings from 10am - 12 noon as well.

The fully equipped pottery (kiln, wheel etc and materials) is used by club members on Wednesday and Thursday mornings and due to demand Saturdays from 10am – 12 noon is now available also.

A very creative group of enthusiasts get together at these times and although there is no tuition a great deal of mutual appreciation and advice is offered one to another.

There is a course programme and tuition is offered periodically throughout the year. Often special bespoke classes are arranged for parties, families, friends or individuals.

New members are welcome - contact The Gallery