Wednesday, 29 June 2016


If you are in any doubt that we are in the middle of Summer – you might be forgiven for thinking that Autumn has arrived early this year – then hopefully, the featured makers at Bevere this month should  brighten the outlook. 'Masters of their craft' is a well worn cliché but is absolutely right to describe the makers who are part of our 10th Anniversary celebration.

We have been privileged to show Walter Keeler's fine pieces for a number of years. He has been internationally recognised for much of his long career and his latest work is elegantly designed and executed with such consummate skill, as ever.  These are characteristics that have defined Walter's pieces for a long time. As I handle any pot,  I am conscious of the eye of a Master and the presence which each generates. There is the curator's challenge, to allow them to speak for themselves and for Walter of course.

Mark Dally has also shown here a number of times and this latest group from him confirms why. He is arguably one of the finest sliptrail decorators around. The completeness of his vision, confidence of execution and obvious facility with the sliptrailer is a joy.  Again, we have a maker whose name is spoken by each piece. His work epitomises the notion that our eating and drinking is enhanced by studio pots. Pleasure has to be the right word.

If you feel that I am exaggerating the qualities of these two makers, then come and see and judge for yourself.

We also have a small group of magnificent sculptures from Ostinelli and Priest. A large bull and horse are classic pieces. They have character and the nuances of tone and stance ensure that each is an original interpretation of these fine beasts.

Debbie Barber is also here again and is another confident and skilled raku decorator. Her bowls and other vessels are always popular  with our visitors.

Stuart Dickens
July 2016