Friday, 29 July 2016

Curator's View - August 2016

As summer sunshine finally arrives, the Gallery's featured maker programme continues to demonstrate how quality ceramics can also give so much warmth and light as well as pleasure. This month all three superb makers have shown with us before on several occasions.

Emma Rodgers has become an international figure in studio ceramics since she graduated from Wolverhampton. In fact, she showed her early pieces at Bevere at the onset of her professional career. It was evident then that she had a remarkable talent.  Emma's ability to reflect the essence of the figures that she makes - both animal and human – is often magical and her work in bronze is exceptional. Whatever pieces she decides to show they will bring joy to the Gallery and our visitors for sure.

Tanya Gomez has shown with us before but, importantly, not since taking an MA at the Royal Collegeof Art.        The impact is seen in the organic nature of her sensuous vessels and her striking use of contrasting colour. The RCA’s MA course has transformed many potters and Tanya is no exception.  It is the opportunity to spend time reflecting on one's current practice and the direction and focus of creative energy that makes the impact.
Each of Tanya's vessels that we are showing this month, whether  small or large, has a presence which, in my view,  comes from the passion that pervades her making.

Wendy Kershaw is an artist on clay. Her wall mounted framed images are unlike any other maker's that I know.  Her work is amusing , quirky, and so well executed. When Wendy first showed at Bevere the response was very positive indeed and we are certain that she will be welcomed back by many. Wendy crosses the so called craft/fine art divide but for me apart from the evident artistic merit, each piece makes me smile - always a bonus. Her draughtsmanship and design sense also add to the feeling that there is an exceptional talent at work here. Come and see for yourself.

As well as our featured makers there will be the usual diverse range of quality ceramics. Time spent looking and touching these pots will add so much to your day – it does mine!