Saturday, 30 May 2009

Sculptors with their Sculptures

Its been a busy and exciting week with makers arriving to set up their sculptures in the Gallery Garden.

These photos show Katy Green, Andrew Trotman, Pete Higgs, Richard Jackson and Jonathan Stringer hard at work.

Also many others who are partaking in this year's Bevere Sculptor Trail were busy in the Gallery Garden during the last few days.

It is very varied this year with very large, medium and small, ceramic, metal, wood and glass pieces.

A week to go now before the Bevere Sculpture Trail and Garden Show is open for all our visitors to enjoy.

The launch is on Saturday 6th June.
Do come and join us and perhaps meet some of the makers.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Visitor to our garden

While preparations were going ahead for Gallery Garden Show and Sculpture Trail which opens on Saturday 6th June we were delighted to welcome an uninvited visitor--- A beautiful peacock

Monday, 18 May 2009

Beryl Moore - artist

Beryl has painted on and off all her life and that is for a very long time. She will celebrate her 90th birthday later this year.

Her artistic ability first found expression at school, with this recognised talent she went to Italy to be finished. On her return after two years at Westminster Art College, war was declared and her studies abandoned.

When she married there was a further lapse of thirty years when she stopped painting.

With the loss of her husband in 1980 she took up painting again.
She began by painting for an operatic society but it was the course with Mary Grierson that involved her in botanical illustration.

She has been involved with us at Bevere for many years. We met her at shows, sold her cards and to get a break from botanical painting and expand her knowledge, about twenty years ago she joined very enjoyable and instructive painting classes with Valerie Briggs held here in the Gallery craft room..

We still see her regularly as she continues to join Val’s Spring, Summer and Autumn painting workshops.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Book of the Month - May

This month we have chosen Rosemary Cochrane 's

"Salt - Glaze Ceramics " to support the South Wales Potters association which is the Gallery's featured exhibition this month

Height Size 29.2cm, width 22.9cm, thickness 2cm and weight 36 oz

"This is a book about the skill and technique, as well as the art, of the salt-glaze potter, whose story continues to be written"
Jane Hamlyn

Brand new copy - Signed

Potters and collectors alike are captivated by the distinctive surface qualities of salt glaze. Its revival amongst studio potters has produced some beautiful and exciting work. In a rich and authoritative text, the author shares her own fascination with salt glaze, bringing together her practical experience and skills.

Lavish illustrations throughout show the textures and colours that characterize old and contemporary salt glaze. Whether you wish to become involved in salt glaze by making and firing pots, or to gain a wider appreciation with an insight into the process, there is a wealth of information to enjoy within the chapters of this book.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

South Wales Potters at the Gallery

South Wales

Association is one of the largest in the UK with over 100 members including full-time potters, sculptors and students. Established in1964, SWPA was the first regional pottery organisation. The members exhibiting their work in this show have been selected to represent the diverse talents within the Association. One of the aims is to demonstrate the versatility of clay, which is clearly evident in this engaging exhibition.

These pictures show the potters gathered in the sunshine at The Gallery at Bevere and some of
the makers together with their pots-

Paul Baker, Jason Braham, Rosemary Cochrane,
Avril Farley,Wendy Green, Mark Hilde, Christine Gittins,
Anne James, Alison Lochhead, Jane Malvisi, Steve Mills, Andrew Niblett,
Rachel Padley, Pauline Paterson, Ian Rylatt, & Mair Rossiter.

New Babies Visit

Clare, baby Maggie, Joe and baby Freddie dropped in to see us all and to view the lovely spring array of flowers in the car park