Monday, 18 May 2009

Beryl Moore - artist

Beryl has painted on and off all her life and that is for a very long time. She will celebrate her 90th birthday later this year.

Her artistic ability first found expression at school, with this recognised talent she went to Italy to be finished. On her return after two years at Westminster Art College, war was declared and her studies abandoned.

When she married there was a further lapse of thirty years when she stopped painting.

With the loss of her husband in 1980 she took up painting again.
She began by painting for an operatic society but it was the course with Mary Grierson that involved her in botanical illustration.

She has been involved with us at Bevere for many years. We met her at shows, sold her cards and to get a break from botanical painting and expand her knowledge, about twenty years ago she joined very enjoyable and instructive painting classes with Valerie Briggs held here in the Gallery craft room..

We still see her regularly as she continues to join Val’s Spring, Summer and Autumn painting workshops.

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