Friday, 2 December 2011

A December Message from Stuart Dickens our Ceramic Curator


Pottery by Tim Andrews with paintings by Jessica Leighton
Whilst we take pride in the range and diversity of ceramics on show at Bevere, there are occasions when the juxtaposition of work has a quite extraordinary impact on both eye and hand. I say hand because so many visitors have found it difficult to resist handling the sensuous burnished vessels of Tim Andrews who must surely rank amongst the best of raku potters in the UK.

A selection of Marcio Mattos's Pottery

New work by Marcio Mattos is always welcome. He is a jazz bass player and a potter and the free, organic nature of his pots reflects his love of improvised music. He is one of a small group of potters who also make music professionally. 
"Pack of Hounds " by Ostinelli and Priest

Once again Ostinelli and Priest have exceeded expectation with two extraordinary sculptures. A pack of hounds which for me is so redolent of Boxing Day and the Quorn Hunt captures the barely contained enthusiasm for the chase and a splendid horse with two riders - a knight and maiden - entitled ' Then We Shall Journey Together'.  Their work has a very special quality which captures the essence  of their subjects whether beast or human.

We have new work from Lara Scobie. Her use of Parian clay accentuates the freshness of her decoration which reflects the sunlight beautifully and makes you wonder why anyone would not want to have fine handmade pieces at the table.

Lara Scobie's Display in the Cafe

The annual Graduate Show is being held next month and in some ways the current work on show is the benchmark for the work that our chosen graduates will be showing.

They may not be as accomplished -yet - but we will be looking for craft skills, creativity and innovation.

Above all it will be that individual voice that we value so much in the many ceramicists on show here. There is already a great sense of anticipation.

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