Monday, 15 December 2014

Richard Godfrey

It is with great sadness that we have heard the news of the death on Saturday 13th December of eminent ceramicist Richard Godfrey.
He will be remembered in many different ways by so many people. Primarily, it will be his brilliantly innovative pots and immaculate decorative technique that will remain a permanent reminder of his great talent. His latest and sadly his last work, is amongst his best. It is extraordinary that serious illness should have been the trigger for his most inspirational pieces. Richard’s trademark use of colour and remarkable draughtsmanship has produced works which have been universally admired.
More than this, he had an exceptional personality; unfailingly cheerful and positive, he was an inspirational figure who will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Studio ceramics has lost one of its elite makers.
We have been privileged to represent him over the years and he will remain in our hearts for many more.

Words Richard said about his work:-
"The inspiration for my work comes mostly from the coastline and countryside around my studio. Ideas for forms are often derived from things that I pick up on the beach. Shells, bits of wood, plastic bottles, in fact just about anything. I walk a great deal and usually find things in the hedgerows to inspire me. I love natural forms like insects, seeds and berries. My studio is right on the cliffs here in south Devon, in a very unspoilt area. The light is wonderful and I find a great deal of intense colour throughout the year. I enjoy the changing seasons as each brings it’s own beauty.
 The sunrises in February are often spectacular; the wild flowers in May and June create great sweeps of colour across the cliffs, the berries and bramble leaves of autumn provide intense focal points. I take a lot of photographs, both slides and prints and often use these as source material from which to draw. The drawing process for me is a way of distilling the essence of what I have seen, looking for whatever it was that touched my button, in order that I might use it to touch someone else".