Sunday, 19 February 2012

Curator's February's Message


What a dour month is February. Fortunately, Bevere Gallery provides colour and light to lift the prevailing gloom as visitors to see the latest featured makers will already have discovered.

It is always a pleasure to have new work from Kevin de Choisy whose glazing must rank amongst the best of studio ceramicists. I know that he has had a particularly difficult year and it is so good to see his work in the Gallery again.
Matt Horn's ceramics with John Harris's watercolours

Matt Horne's crystalline glazes have been very popular and we are showing the third group of his pots in just a few months. These are some of the best we have had and the quality of his throwing as well as the striking colours are a must see.

Large pots by Sarah Purvey
A newcomer to Bevere, Sarah Purvey is showing two large hand built vessels in her Landscape Series, which have a powerful presence. They are redolent of ancient pots but with a distinct contemporary feel - a reminder that man has been making pots for almost as long as he has been on earth.

Christine Gittins last showed with us in the South Wales Potters Show. This group of smoke fired pots and her jewellery are beautifully designed and crafted with an effective use of porcupine quills!!
Smoke fired pots by Christine Gittins
with John Harris's paintings
Add to these work from Ben Davies, Lisa Katzenstein, Jitka Palmer and John Higgins and you have an eclectic mix of quality studio ceramics.

The gallery team works hard to ensure that the look and feel of the gallery is constantly changing. One of the functions of the gallery is to ensure that we show exhibitors work in the most effective way. Pots need space and I hope you agree that we get it right most of the time. Enjoy.
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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bevere Gallery Graduate Award 2012

Congratulations to Chris Taylor who won the Bevere Gallery Graduate Award 2012
We are delighted with this win and look forward to working with Chris throughout the year

During February we staged the Annual Graduate Show

Chris Taylor gained his Masters degree in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art and submitted
an exciting new range of highly decorative one off ceramic pieces for us here at Bevere.

 With this award  Chris's will be one of our regular exhibitors in the Gallery.  He will be offered a weeks residency in the Stable Gallery space later in the year and he will be featured in the Graduate Show 2013 next February.
Chris at work on the Potter's Wheel

Chris says
"Currently I am exploring the idea of suggesting history through the application of surface decoration. This I achieve by layering combinations of brushed, poured and printed slip and glaze. In some areas the materials are haphazardly applied whilst in others they are rubbed back to reveal what is underneath. By working in this way I intend to produce objects which have a richness, a depth to the surface. A sense of what has gone before.

I am thrilled to have been voted the best maker at the graduate show. Since graduating from my Masters I have been further developing my ideas and this is the first time some of the work has been presented to the public. It is great to feel that my work is appreciated by the people who came to the show."

During this popular exhibition 323 Gallery visitors were invited to vote for their favourite exhibitor with a chance to join the draw and win £100 to spend in the Gallery.  Jenny Pearce from Hereford voted for Chris and her name was drawn out of the hat.  She will now be dropping in to spend her prize.

Printed slipware pots, predecessors of Chris's work that was exhibited at Bevere.


Image of some of Chris's previous work which was
thrown, white earthenware slipware.

This year the exhibition showed a great deal of diversity and and a  very high standard throughout.

Runner Up  was
Orli Ivano

& 3rd
Keith Varney

 Congratulations to all. 
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