Friday, 27 May 2016


Half way through the year's featured maker programme already and we have so much more high quality ceramics for you. The feedback on the programme this anniversary year has been very positive, particularly regarding the diversity and undoubted quality of the exhibits. This month we have three makers featuring who have shown with us before and in one case over a number of years.

ANNIE PEAKER is a ceramic sculptress of instantly recognisable style. She has sold out on the previous occasions she has shown with us. The pieces feature children and young people from the mid 20th Century. Her highly skilled modelling reproduces clothes and demeanour so well. It is her ability to capture the essence of a moment that appeals so widely and I hope that the group of pieces we have in this month's feature will have strong appeal.

RICHARD PHETHEAN has not been with us for a while. He has taken over the Chairmanship of the Craft Potters Association and this makes considerable demands upon his time. I have seen the shape and decoration of his pieces change over the years and he ensures that each pot has a strong contemporary appeal. His work has great presence and looks good singularly or in small groups. Hope you agree – as always, let me know if you take a different view.

PETER HAYES has shown at Bevere many times and there is a piece or two always to be found on show. Peter is one of the most creative ceramicists and sculptors of his generation. Each piece provokes interest in design, his making processes and decoration. He is also happy to break away from his ceramic roots. His time spent working in India and establishing a craft village has meant a very useful exchange of working techniques and materials, all of which support an infinitely creative spirit. You will gather that I have the highest regard for Peter, as I am sure many of you do too.

So there we have it – another stimulating group of makers. Add to this the many other makers we will have on show and there will be much to stimulate and enjoy.