Tuesday, 27 January 2015

THE CURATOR’S VIEW – February 2015

After the buzz surrounding the Graduate Show - our opening event of the year - we always need an exciting group of featured makers in February to sustain interest and to provide several good reasons to keep visiting Bevere as the year advances. This month’s makers, two of whom have never shown at Bevere before (yes, there are still potters that haven’t), do just that. Each month, we try to ensure that diversity and contrast, two of Bevere’s defining characteristics, are sustained; so it is that we have a talented ceramic sculptor, a maker who has mastered the making of refined raku ware and the doyen of print on clay.
Jane Muir
 makes idiosyncratic painted figures which offer a whimsical take on the world. There has been an increasing interest in sculptural ceramics and once again this is because there are a number of original voices which produce work of continuing interest and often raise a smile. Jane is one of them and I am pleased that she will be showing her work in the gallery and outside pieces in the courtyard. Jane studied at Central St Martins and the Royal College of Art and has exhibited widely here in the UK and abroad.
Debbie Barber
originally trained in textiles and only later trained in ceramics which has been her life -long interest. She uses naked raku firing techniques to produce decorative wares which demonstrate the early influence of fabric design. It was the quality of the decoration which first attracted me to her work and I am sure that you will enjoy and appreciate her strong and confident designs. She says that she enjoys the hands on element of raku which demands the close attention of the potter throughout the process from start to finish.
Paul Scott has shown at Bevere before. He is one of the leading exponents of print on clay techniques and has written extensively on the subject.
He is one of those makers that brings together contemporary and traditional aesthetics to produce pieces that are uniquely his own. I have admired his work for a long time. There are seminal qualities here which are the hallmark of the thinking potter – that he is an academic may be a factor. His work is redolent of times past whilst clearly looking forward. I know that many visitors will enjoy this work which is predominantly blue on white. He has just returned from New York where he has been exhibiting.
So that’s February. I hope you agree that we have just the right makers to maintain the momentum that the Graduate Show has generated.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


From time to time, we have marked significant gallery milestones.  On this occasion, I am pleased to highlight the 12000th piece that we have shown over the past nine years. It is particularly appropriate that the work should be made by one of the exhibitors in our 9th Annual Graduate Show which opens on 10th January 2015; an emerging talent that we hope will continue to develop and grow in reputation.

It is an impressive, overprinted porcelain sculpture by Alison Shanks. Kate Moss Idol is a classic graduation piece; bold - in your face even – demanding our attention. I suspect that no-one will be indifferent about it. The work is lit by LED and UV lights to give an aura to the bust of this famous fashion model in a way which seems entirely right. It is also interesting that Alison has shown a split image which suggests – at least as I see it – that celebrity has a public and private face. You may take a different view; that is the joy of art.
I am delighted that the milestone has occurred at this time when we look to the future of ceramics and reflect on continuing human creativity. Enjoy!
Stuart Dickens
Ceramic Curator

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Curator's View - JANUARY 2015

THE CURATOR’S VIEW - January 2015
Happy New Year! 
We embark on another year of exciting ceramic art and craft. New Year is frequently perceived as the time for renewal and fresh beginnings - although it can often feel like a triumph of hope over expectation. No such feelings here as we launch the year with our Annual Ceramic Graduate Show. It is already evident that we have selected exhibitors who will make their way in studio ceramics. The work submitted by the chosen graduates demonstrates the creativity and diversity which is the well spring of the craft and the hallmark of Bevere Gallery.
It would be invidious to pick out one maker from another. They have been selected because of their impact on us when we saw them at New Designers 2014 after graduation. For me, the initial response – intellectually and emotionally - is a good guide and these ten exhibitors tick the right boxes. Incidentally, I would not be so arrogant as to say that these are the best of the 2014 crop however, as in previous years, they are amongst the most stimulating, skilled and creative.  Some already have great design skills and clearly studio ceramicists/designers are making an important contribution to the wider commercial sector.
One name I can mention is Neill Curran. He won the visitors vote as the favourite in the 2014 show. He has continued to make and exhibit and we are delighted to see his work as it has developed one year on.
Once again we will be asking everyone who sees the show to name their favourite maker. The one with the most votes will continue to show at Bevere over the coming year. Additionally a voting paper will be drawn from the many that will be completed during the three weeks of the show and the lucky individual’s vote will earn them a £100 voucher to spend at Bevere. Yet another good reason to come and see the show, which will open on Saturday 10th and run until Saturday 31st January.
We look forward to seeing you, as will those makers who are able to be with us for the opening.
Stuart Dickens 
Ceramic Curator