Tuesday, 20 January 2015


From time to time, we have marked significant gallery milestones.  On this occasion, I am pleased to highlight the 12000th piece that we have shown over the past nine years. It is particularly appropriate that the work should be made by one of the exhibitors in our 9th Annual Graduate Show which opens on 10th January 2015; an emerging talent that we hope will continue to develop and grow in reputation.

It is an impressive, overprinted porcelain sculpture by Alison Shanks. Kate Moss Idol is a classic graduation piece; bold - in your face even – demanding our attention. I suspect that no-one will be indifferent about it. The work is lit by LED and UV lights to give an aura to the bust of this famous fashion model in a way which seems entirely right. It is also interesting that Alison has shown a split image which suggests – at least as I see it – that celebrity has a public and private face. You may take a different view; that is the joy of art.
I am delighted that the milestone has occurred at this time when we look to the future of ceramics and reflect on continuing human creativity. Enjoy!
Stuart Dickens
Ceramic Curator

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