Friday, 25 June 2010

The Gallery at Bevere

Anrew Palin at Bevere

We are pleased to show many of Andrew's pots in the Gallery's  June Summer Show  and  a regular exhibitor in the Gallery

 Andrew Says -   The Scottish sandstone, granites and slate are a beautiful and intriguing surface teeming with wildlife.
With my development of the volcanic glaze textures being applied to both thrown vessels and hand-
built landscape forms, the Cumbrian and Caithness coasts have now overtly manifested themselves in
my work. 

Andrew at work on his potter's wheel
To see a vidio of the exhibition go to the following blog ........

Friday, 18 June 2010

Lunch with Eric James Mellon

As the September 85th Birthday Exhibition for Eric James Mellon approaches, planning is progressing apace. Stuart Dickens, Ceramic Curator and Kim Chesters, Exhibitions Coordinator visited Eric in his Bognor Regis home to talk through the details of the show and to begin the selection of work – pots, paintings and prints.

Eric provided a delightful lunch of lemon sole and true to form provided both of them with a rich diet of anecdote and philosophy around which so much of his work has been developed.

His house is an absolute treasure trove – every room filled with his work and that of his late wife Martina Thomas – three of her paintings will also be shown.

He has been drawing since the age of seven and continues to this day. The word prolific seems to understate his output.

We are confident that the exhibition will be a fitting tribute to one of the original voices in studio ceramics.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


This month Stuart Dickens has made his choice from the Gallery at  Bevere's  June exhibition
The Summer Show

Susan Nemeth Large Matisse Bowl

Susan Nemeth set up her workshop in London in 1979. This wonderful bowl selected itself as
Pot of the Month’. The decoration alone demonstrates the way in which Susan’s work continues to develop. Whilst she is not unique in using integral decoration where laminated sheets of coloured clays inlaid with hand cut patterns are beaten, rollered and stretched over moulds forcing a form from one single flat sheet of clay, she does it with such √©lan.

This bowl is one of the stars of the show involving three other excellent craftsmen/artists. The decoration, as always with Susan’s work, fits the pot extremely well and the painterly style of this pot rewards close inspection from every angle.