Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Gallery says "Goodbye to a Master Potter"

Bevere Gallery has represented Thomas Hoadley,
the eminent US potter, for several years. We have now agreed with him that we will return the balance of pieces to him in the next month or so. This note is to give our followers notice of this event and to give visitors a last chance to look at and maybe purchase one of the finest exponents of the nerikomi technique.
I have had so many conversations about this truly beautiful work which has been admired by everyone who has seen it. I take the view that if there is an Antiques Roadshow in 100 years – and who knows there probably will be – this work will be seen as a wonderful example of 21st century studio ceramics. If you think that I am overegging the case, come and see his work in the next month or so and make up your own mind.

Stewart   Dickens - Ceramic Curator