Thursday, 25 May 2017

Maker's Lunch with DEBBIE BARBER- Friday 2nd JUNE 2017

Debbie Barber is one of our featured makers for June, and we are delighted that she has agreed to visit the gallery to discuss her new body of work and chat over lunch.

Debbie is a ceramic artist who specialises in raku and smoke fired ceramics and works from her home studio in rural Leicestershire.

Her art and design training was in textile decoration and embroidery. After ten years, she changed course and returned to college to train as a potter having a lifelong interest in ceramics. She retains her influences from her textile background.

She loves pattern and colour and takes inspiration from the natural world – trees, plants and the birds in her garden and the surrounding countryside.

Visitors are asked to arrive for Noon and we should be finished by 2pm, depending upon discussions over lunch in The Stable.

Tickets are £15 per person and we have a few remaining places available. Please telephone the Gallery on 01905 754 484 to reserve your place.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Gallery Maker's Lunch - 6th May 2017 - KEITH VARNEY

The second of the Gallery's Maker's Lunches involved Keith Varney whose work has been in the gallery since he was in our Annual Graduate Show in 2011. I have to say that the two hour session went by very quickly and I suspect that this was a reflection of the level of engagement between Keith and the ceramic enthusiasts who attend the lunch.

There was a strong feeling that Keith was a highly skilled maker whose work was uniquely his voice. Most were surprised when he talked about the way he made each piece and his ability to bring together complex shapes with no evidence of a join or 'the potter's thumb'. He responded to all of the many questions with candour  and welcomed all of the considerable feedback which he received during the session.

One of the issues that emerges from these revealing discussions with makers is the interest in the 'what' – probably more so than the 'how'. Even though high level technical skills are admired, the maker's motivation and creative drive is what marks them out as special people. Keith has always been a maker - since childhood indeed -  and whilst he initially he became a furniture designer and maker, his conversion to clay was absolute.

                                                                               A fine group of his latest work is featured in the   gallery until the end of this month – do take the opportunity to see some truly original ceramic art.

Stuart Dickens
Ceramic Curator
8 May 2017

Monday, 1 May 2017


Four featured makers this month, three of whom have been shown at Bevere before and we are delighted to welcome back.

 Guy Routledge was a great success when he first exhibited his distinctive sculptural pieces here in 2016. His is a striking individual voice and the range of his figurative sculpture from small to large scale clearly appealed to our visitors. There is an increasing interest in ceramic sculpture particularly when someone like Guy brings such a unique perspective to his subjects.

Jill Shaddock first appeared at Bevere in our annual graduate show some time ago. She is arguably one of the most talented potters using the casting technique amongst her generation. Her tricolour cast bowls are immaculate and she clearly accepts only the highest quality in her finished pieces. She was at Ceramic Art London (CAL) this year and had a successful show – not difficult to understand why, given the elegant look of her work.

Keith Varney has been  featured at Bevere several times. Again, we have an original voice whose complex pieces have always drawn curiosity and admiration in equal proportion. Whatever the size of his pieces they each have a presence which derives from Keith's creative energy and inventive skills. He will also be participating in our Makers Lunch to be held on Saturday May 6 – do contact the gallery to get tickets.

Finn Dam Rasmussen, from Denmark is the new maker to the gallery.  He made an impressive appearance at CAL in 2016 and again this year. We are delighted to be be showing his strong sculptural pieces with salt-glazed decoration for the first time at Bevere. His decoration is a major feature and we have spent time ourselves looking at the layering of his slipwork and the attractive patterns some of which are quite complex. Certainly pots that will benefit from a second and third look.

So that's the Bevere line up for May. Enjoy

Friday, 14 April 2017


Next Maker's Lunch


     The Maker's Lunches are designed to respond to our visitors' interest 
in studio ceramics and their makers, and to promote dialogue. It is also 
an opportunity to have an early look at the featured work each month.

Saturday May 6 - Keith Varney    
Here is an original voice whose complex pieces have always drawn curiosity 
and admiration in equal proportion. Whatever the size of his pieces they each 
have a presence which derives from his creative energy and inventive skills.

The lunch promises to be a stimulating and enjoyable experience - do join us

Inevitably there will only be a limited number of places available so please make your reservation now by telephoning
01905 754 484 or emailing
Tickets are £15 each

 Please arrive for 12pm, depending upon discussions We aim to finish around 2pm.

The next lunch will be Friday June 2 - Debbie Barber
We anticipate once more being enchanted by Debbie's beautifully hand decorated raku vessels. She has such a good eye and deft artistry. This will be an opportunity to discuss her approach to design and the way in which her decoration is and has developed.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


The new ceramic year is well advanced and Spring – yes I think it has arrived – brings with it opportunities for renewal and looking again at our world. This group of featured makers brings together experienced and skilled makers and I have no doubt that the light which the gallery now enjoys from increasing sunshine will enhance this engaging range of pieces.

Good to have Kate Schuricht back in Bevere again. Her small scale, finely made pieces shown in groups, make attractive installations. Her concern for texture, light and shade adds to the interplay between her pieces. After graduation Kate worked for some time in Japan and, I have to say, that experience is reflected in her work and the attention to detail.

John and Jude Jelfs will need no introduction to regular visitors to the gallery. Notwithstanding that they have lived and worked together for many years their styles are so contrasting. Jude is contemporary and sculptural with a stimulating use of colour and shape. John is a more traditional potter with high level craft skills - his pots have always been much admired. His design skills are self evident and he is arguably the best teapot maker in the business!

Janet Halligan is fascinated with different surface textures, her pieces often emulate, leather, metal, cardboard, with an extraordinary likeness to the real thing. She also experiments with functionality in the shape of jugs, vases and cups that incorporate her fascination with fastenings, ties and fixings, juxtaposing a seemingly ordinary vessel with an extraordinary identity for the piece.

Saturday, 4 March 2017


We have just held our inaugural Maker's Lunch and given the very positive feedback from the participants, we anticipate that it will be the first of many.

The idea of setting aside a couple of hours over lunch for informal and insightful discussion between one of our featured makers and ceramic enthusiasts, is seen as part of the Bevere ethos of promoting, educating and informing about studio ceramics, as well as showing and selling. This first event involved Jin Eui Kim – the Korean ceramicist who now lives and works in Cardiff.

Jin was an excellent choice for the first event. He responded so well to a wide range of questions about his making technique, the philosophy that underpins his brilliant pieces and wider issues about his influences and interests. His masterful work was viewed at length along with the work of two other featured makers – Ali Tomlin and Martin Pearce. Whilst their pieces could not be more contrasting,  their evident design and making skills provided further discussion points – there were no uncomfortably pauses as the questions and opinions continued unabated throughout our meal together.

It is always salutary to hear a Master Potter – and Jin has to be deserving of that title – say that he is still learning. I suspect that, despite his young age, he will be saying that throughout his making life. Such is his innate modesty and his creative curiosity.

Thank you Jin for getting the programme off to such an inspirational start.

Stuart Dickens
Ceramic Curator
4th March 2017

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Ceramic Curator's View -March 2017

"The passage of time is sometimes bewildering, I can hardly believe that we are now preparing for the March featured makers, when it seemed but yesterday that we were putting out the February exhibitors. Enough of this existential musing and on to the important business of who we are featuring during March.

We have two makers who are new to Bevere, Martin Pearce and Ali Tomlin and the work of

 Jin Eui Kim who has been showing at Bevere for some time. I am particularly pleased that Jin will be here for the Maker's Lunch that we have on 3rd March. His beautifully crafted pieces have such a distinct quality that having him here to talk about how he approaches the design as well as the making of his exceptional vessels will be a special start to the month.  His interest is in tonal effects and spatial illusions and each piece impacts on our senses as we take in the elegance of his design and the immaculate skills inherent in his decoration.

Martin Pearce  brings an entirely different perspective.  In his own words '….....the development of form is at the root of my work; the interplay of shape and surface creating the individual character of a piece. Non-figurative in nature, the pieces present many points of reference.....'  I am certain that these handbuilt pieces will generate strong and positive responses from our visitors  and I am excited at the prospect of showing this stimulating work for the first time.

Ali Tomlin  provides yet more contrast in  design, choice of materials and decorating technique. The use of almost paperthin porcelain provides the most effective vehicle for her mark making. I like the way in which she demonstrates a spontaneity in her approach and yet creating pieces that have that 'complete' look.

Once again I am delighted that we are able to feature a small group of makers  that epitomise the range and diversity of the craft. "

Stuart Dickens - Ceramic Curator

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Lunch & Chat at Bevere with Potter JIN EUI KIM

Join us for lunch and discussions with the      Maker  
Friday 3 March
2017, Noon - 2pm
 The Maker's Lunch is a new event designed to provide 
an opportunity for informal discussion over lunch
about the latest featured makers

March is an interesting month because two of the makers - Martin Pearce and Ali Tomlin -  are new to the gallery and will be seen alongside Jin Eui Kim whose work will be familiar to Bevere regulars 

It is a particular pleasure that Jin has agreed to join us for this lunch to talk about his work
The work of these three makers will provide an opportunity to reflect on the way in which individual ceramicists approach the creation of their individual pieces 

The lunch promises to be a stimulating and enjoyable experience - do join us

Inevitably there will only be a limited number of places available so do make your reservation now by telephoning 

01905 754 484 or emailing 
Tickets are £10 each

Thursday, 26 January 2017

THE CURATOR'S VIEW – February 2017

Firstly, I need to comment on the 11th Annual Graduate Show which filled the gallery for the first month of the year. I was heartened that so many people enjoyed the show and were impressed with the quality of the selected graduates.
As always, it was an exciting start to our year and thanks to everyone who voted for their favourite  :-

In February, we have three featured makers, one of whom is exhibiting with us for the first time.
 Scott Wilson graduated with a ceramic degree in 2015 and has made a an impact since then with his wonderfully textured pieces and the  interplay of monochrome light and dark. Not difficult to see how he made an impact at New Designers One Year On.

 He is also joining us for the Curator's Lunch being held on Friday 3rd February – not too late to book as we have one or two places still available.

 Jack Doherty is one of our regular exhibitors. We will see again his luminescent work which resonates with the Cornish blue which has been even more evident since his move to Mousehole.   This group is distinctly Jack's work and his soda fired glazing and skilled throwing gives each of his pieces a quality which is so pleasing to the eye. I have always admired his ceramics.

 Jade Crompton

was in our Graduate Show in 2015 and her computer aided design created quite a stir then. She has now been acknowledged for her innovative approaches to mould making and ceramic design and we are delighted to be showing her latest work. This small group of her work is in white semi-porcelain, if you prefer other colours we are able to commission pieces directly from her. It is always encouraging to see the work of someone who featured in our Graduate Show and that our judgement in selecting her is underpinned with subsequent successful making. She would have been with us at the Curator's Lunch, but she has a ceramic project in New York at that time.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

                     Lunch with the Curator and Maker


                                              Bevere Gallery, Worcester         

                                              Friday 3 February 2017
                                                        Noon - 2pm

We are starting this years featured maker programme with an opportunity to preview the new display with our ceramic curator, Stuart Dickens and featured maker Scott Wilson, then over lunch discuss the makers and their work

Places are limited to 10 persons and cost £10
email to book your place
or call 01905 754 484

Monday, 2 January 2017

11th Annual Graduate Show

THE CURATOR'S VIEW – January 2014

"It is always surprising how quickly the Annual Graduate Show comes round. It seems but a short time since I was extolling the virtues of new and emerging talent. I am trying to ignore the possibility that this may be a phenomenon related to the ageing of the curator!

Regular visitors to the Show will know that we select graduates from across the country. The message isn't that these are the best from the 2016 crop – best is such a subjective word – rather that they are makers who attracted Clare Macfarlane and I when we saw the large numbers of graduates at New Designers last July.

What is noticeable is the small group amongst the graduate population who at an early stage recognise that becoming a professional, post university, requires a range of skills and experience beyond making. The ones that truly impress have a clear head about what they will show, early completion of paperwork and images and of course the timely delivery of the exhibition pieces. If only this were the norm. On the other hand we are only too aware of the pressures on graduates to get work to pay their bills and to live life.

This show has a number of interesting and immensely creative makers and we hope that visitors will derive great pleasure from looking (and buying!) pieces and importantly casting a vote for the graduate that is best liked. As in previous years we will be supporting the maker who gains the most votes.

One innovation this year is to add an exhibitor who is still at university and due to graduate next year. Under the banner of One to Watch we are showing the latest work of a Hereford College student. We will certainly be keeping an eye on her development during her final year.

Do come to see the Show – stretch the legs after Christmas  - let us know what you feel about these new exhibitors."

Stuart Dickens