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THE CURATOR'S VIEW November/December 2017

November/December 2017

We have brought together a group of makers to end the Bevere year on a high note. David and Margaret Frith have been making their pots together for over fifty years. Notwithstanding that long time, they continue to enthral with their decorative innovation and their concern never to stand still. There is a freshness of approach and an ability to surprise which remains with them both still and long may they continue. I am also delighted that they will be featured in our Maker's Lunch to be held on 3rd November.

Claire Seneviratne produces raku vessels which have a wide appeal. Her first show here was a great success and her pieces were admired and purchased by many of our visitors. Her smoke-fired pots are first fired in an electric kiln, sometimes she partly glazes them and may add a metallic lustre. Then one at a time they are surrounded with oak sawdust which slowly burns around them in an incinerator. The sawdust creates beautiful markings and subtle shades and colours. 

Tim Andrews is a master raku potter with a reputation for quality and innovative design whose work has been exhibited all over the world. We have always enjoyed having his fine work in the gallery as in many ways he is the definitive raku potter. So many of his pieces have that centrepiece quality which would enhance a table or a windowsill anywhere. 

Another new maker to Bevere is Hilke MacIntyre.  Hilke was born in Germany. She studied architecture at the College for Art and Design in Kiel and worked for various architects until she moved to Scotland in 1995. Since then she has concentrated on printing, painting and ceramics, combining a simplified figurative style with bold shapes, strong colours and abstract patterns. Her work is widely exhibited in galleries throughout Britain and has been selected many times for the annual show at the Royal Scottish Academy. It is her ceramics we will be showing this month and I am sure that her original graphic and sculpted pieces will produce many a smile.

Stuart Dickens

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