Tuesday, 19 April 2016


The year advances at a rate and I find myself excited by the unfolding featured makers programme put together many months ago. May is particularly interesting as it brings together the work of such contrasting makers, two of whom are new to the gallery and the third, a good friend of Bevere, showing work indoors for the first time.

Nigel Edmondson has shown at Bevere almost all of the past decade. His attractive, skilfully made garden vessels and sculptures are regularly featured in the courtyard and his popularity has never waned. This month we will have  his work in the gallery, as well as the courtyard. Nigel brings together a strong deign sense, decoration that emphasises texture as well as colour and work that is evocative of the landscape where he lives and works.

Nigel Lambert has not shown at Bevere before, although he has been a significant maker over the past several years. His slip-decorated wood-fired earthenware has earned him international recognition. His thrown and altered pots combine bold contemporary shapes, his unique style of decoration and a strong sense of function. Over the years, I have increasingly enjoyed  the mix of unequivocally contemporary decoration and functionality – the epitome of three dimensional art. Nigel certainly catches the eye.

Guy Routledge is a ceramic sculptor also new to the Gallery. He hand builds a wide range of figurative pieces, many are monochrome but colour also features in many of his pieces. As readers familiar with Bevere Gallery will know,  a distinctive voice is a key criterion for showing here and Guy ticks all the boxes for us.

As well as our featured makers, we will be showing a wide variety of ceramicists that we represent. The gallery space will demonstrate the tremendous range of styles and making techniques that defines studio ceramics today.

Stuart Dickens - Ceramic Curator