Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Bevere Gallery are delighted to be supporting, for the 2nd year, RGS The Grange's Art Showcase.  On show in the main school hall is work by every child from year Reception to Year Six, each year has produced artwork within a given category such as Viking longships, the weather and Lowry.  The showcase is open for ALL - whether you have children or not at the school - on Wednesday from 8-9am then 3.30-5.30 pm.

It's a feast for the eyes not to be missed !

Zoe Taylor  whose paintings are regularly 
displayed in the Gallery helping to judge the children's work.  
The winners will be announced on Friday


Spring marks a new season for Bevere Gallery. Not only is there exciting new work, but Easter also brings the opening of the first of three shows in the Gallery Outside over the summer months.
Art for Outdoors will reflect the philosophy of the gallery. We have selected outdoor work by twelve makers who demonstrate a singular voice and high levels of craftsmanship. Each show will have a distinctive character. All the work will be for sale. It is our hope that, over the four months, visitors will see how art can enhance any outdoor space and bring with it as much pleasure as the art and craft that decorates the home. I am looking forward to the opening of what should prove to be a stimulating series of events.

 Carolyn Genders will be one of
the featured makers in the first show and we will be seeing three of her fine outdoor pieces. This work that will bring light and colour to any space can be seen at the opening on 19th April. Concurrently, we will also be featuring a new body of work from Carolyn in the gallery. We are particularly fortunate to have this work as her workshop was recently overwhelmed by a landslip.

Jin Eui Kim is a ceramic artist,
originally from South Korea. Jin graduated from Cardiff School of Art - Design with an MA and PhD in Ceramics, during which he studied the illusory effects of the application of black through to white to three-dimensional surfaces. If that sounds a little academic, wait until you see the wonderful pieces of this fine maker. This is the first time we have shown Jin’s work and I have no doubt that it will generate considerable interest. It would be good to have your feedback.

We are also showing a new body of pots from master potter Chris Carter.
I have written much about Chris over the years and his work never ceases to stimulate. I am reminded why ceramics are such an important aspect of our cultural life every time I hold one of his pots in my hand. This new group will be very different from the last pots we showed a few months ago. Chris never ceases to create new shapes and textures even though he has been a professional potter for over forty years.

Barry Stedman has many admirers as evidenced by his previous sales in the gallery. His use of colour in the abstract decoration of his vessels is one reason why his work has captured our visitors’ interest; the other is the presence which his decoration generates, whether they are tea bowls or his larger pieces.

Whilst we have themed shows from time to time, it is the featured maker programme which is designed to provide vivid contrasts in style and technique and to reinforce the incredible range and diversity of ceramic art and craft. If you enjoy the shows as much as we get pleasure from setting up each event, then we will have done our job well.
I have also had confirmation that we will have new work from  Bridget Drakeford
 and Emily Myers.
This will be a special month for all those who love ceramics of the highest quality.

 Stuart Dickens