Friday, 17 August 2018

The Curator's View - September 2018

The change of makers each month is coming around with extraordinary speed, or is this just the perception of an ageing curator? Nevertheless, we have an exciting mix of styles and making techniques that will hopefully maintain your interest in what is happening at Bevere and in the world of studio ceramics.

Hyu Jin Jo was at Bevere the first time in one of our Graduate Shows – her work was certainly highly regarded then. Now living and working in South Korea, she has built on her well-developed skill base to produce work which combines the contemporary with the traditional oriental. There is a simple elegance of design underpinned by her evident making skills. This is work which will sit comfortably in any context - always an indicator of good design. Delighted to be showing her work here again.

Lara Scobie will be known for her previous shows here. Based in Scotland, this skilled maker in porcelain has high level design and decorating skills which give her work such a distinctive voice. She often uses simple line drawing to exceptional effect. For her, it is the balance between composition and form, absence and presence, that offers some of the most exciting opportunities for expressing her creative voice.

Add to these the range and diversity of other makers in the gallery and as always it should be an enriching experience.

Stuart Dickens
August 2018