Saturday, 14 April 2012

Flock of Sheep Wandered Into The Garden

            The Gallery Garden Will Be 0pen      

                   Tuesday 17th -  Saturday 21st
                              10.30am – 4pm

Bevere Gallery is supporting the RHS National Gardening Week by especially opening their garden – Usually open in July and August for our Summer Sculpture Trail - at this time so that visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk around this wild/natural part of a Georgian Family residence.

Ancient shrubs, a hundred year old weeping yaupon holly, laurel tunnel, lawns, woodland and wisteria which is bursting into flower can be discovered.
 There are a few hand crafted wooden seats scattered around for visitors to relax and absorb the atmosphere of this unique area.

An interesting selection of Garden Sculptures are available for sale in the courtyards between the cafĂ© and the gallery, which houses a new collection of studio ceramics from amongst others ceramicists  David and Margaret Frith.

                 A small flock of sheep have just wandered in!        (Ceramic Sculptures by Jon Barrett- Danes)  

Admittance is free and there is plenty of parking


Friday, 6 April 2012

New Techniques From Old & Functional Pottery From New


This month we at  Bevere Gallery are particularly fortunate to have the Friths - Margaret and David - as two of our featured makers. They have been making pots for fifty years and yet, the well spring of their creativity never seems to dry up or diminish. Here are two potters who are constantly experimenting with new glazes and techniques. In them, we have the perfect alignment of high craft and creativity. Not everyone can work alongside their spouse or partner, however for these two eminent makers they seem to draw inspiration from each other. Long may they continue to produce such beautiful pots - and yes, beautiful is the right adjective.

We are also featuring the work of two other fine makers. The last year has seen John Wheeldon develop his pots and his technical repertoire. The vessels in this show are all bowls but they display subtle differences in colour and pattern. He has returned to using lustre, this time applied to a terra sigillata surface, raku fired and smoked. The combination of gold and smoked polished terra sigillata is irresistible – a rich sensuous surface.

Jenny Southam is new to us but she has already established a following for her ceramic sculptures. This group of pieces shows the rang of her work.
 I particularly like her 'night' groups which are a unique way of showing form and movement. They also provoke a smile - not to be underestimated in these difficult times.

I am also pleased that we have new functional ware from Graham Williamson and Jo Davies.

You can see this work in the cafe which now has a different arrangement of pots - old favourites as well as our new makers.

Stuart Dickens