Sunday, 2 September 2012



After the Cornwall Show, which so many people have enjoyed during the Summer, expectations will be raised for the coming months and I am sure that no one will be disappointed. For the rest of this year we have quality and diversity in abundance including makers who have never appeared at Bevere before.
In September, the list of featured makers is headed by Eddie Curtis. It is too long since we last showed the work of this master potter. His work is elegant and exquisitely crafted and whilst he has been amongst the established studio ceramicists for many years, he is never satisfied with the status quo.
Eddie Curtis's pots - just unpacked ready to display
A display  of Kate's ceramics in the Gallery
I saw Kate Schuricht’s ceramics at Ceramic Art London earlier in the year. Kate makes raku and stoneware sculptural ceramics in a range of subtle crackles and smoky finishes. I was impressed and decided then that we should invite her to Bevere. I am sure you will agree with me that she is a worthy addition to the many potters that we now represent.

Carol's Spoon

Carol Ray NiƱo lives in Madrid. Interestingly her bold sculptures have a Spanish feel to them despite her English origins. She works in porcelain and refractory clay and each medium gives a different quality to the work.


JohnMahoney-Philips shares a workshop with Chris Keenan, Carina Ciscato and Annie Turner in London. However, his work is influenced by the Pembrokeshire coast from where he finds many of his materials and inspiration. His use of found objects ensures that a surprising twist is given to his high fired vessels.

Sally Shrimpton is a well- known slipware potter who now lives and works in France. I am looking forward to her functional ceramics which are decorated in strong colours that we associate with the south of France.

Three mugs by Sally

If this isn’t enough to whet your appetite, then we can add new work from  Gary Wood  and Richard Dewar

Richard's Teapot Sculpture

A Porcelain Vase - Gary Wood

  and a completely new name to us, the sculptor Frank A Smith.
This is the array of studio ceramics that we enjoy showing. It demonstrates that notwithstanding the economic vagaries of the last few years, studio ceramics remains a vibrant and exciting arena.
Stuart Dickens
26 August 2012

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mark Smith in Residence

A breath of the sea came to the  Gallery
 Stable  during the last week in August-

 Mark Smith's special ceramic and wood sculptures wowed our visitors.

 To see him creating these pieces while talking to folk who popped in for a chat was so interesting. Each piece tells a story.

 Some of Mark's ceramic sculptures on show and for sale in the Gallery

Quote from Mark

"I had a great time, so inspiring!"