Sunday, 2 July 2017


Craig has been showing his abstract expressionist pots at Bevere for many years. We are pleased to have  a group of his latest pieces and for the first time a number of his paintings. I have used the term abstract impressionist because of the spontaneity of his decoration and the use of mark making. There is no better person to talk about his work than Craig himself and it was a particular pleasure to have him at Bevere for our Makers Lunch  to talk about the ceramics which we are currently featuring and to discuss his approach to making.

The intimacy of the lunch and the ability to discuss ceramic making in an informal and comfortable setting facilitated a  rich and insightful discussion. Whilst he does not eschew theoretical analysis of his work, what emerged from the discussion was the basic truth that what you see before you in every piece is the essential spirit of the maker. The development of Craig's work over time is, then, likely to be a manifestation of the development of his persona – not some conscious decision to take the work in a new direction.

Craig gave an interesting perspective on the ceramicist as painter and the different approach demanded by two and three dimensional working. He clearly enjoys both and long may he continue.

The purpose of the Makers Lunch is to encourage relationships between the maker and those wanting to learn more about individual makers and the broader aspects of studio ceramics. We have been much encouraged by the Lunches held so far and it confirms our view that the gallery has a wider remit than simply putting the work for sale on a plinth.

Thank you Craig and each of the participants for making it a really enjoyable time together.

The next   Maker's lunch will be with  RICHARD MILLER, 

The technician from 'The Great Pottery Throwdown' on Saturday 5th August

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