Monday, 5 June 2017


It was a real pleasure to have Debbie Barber join us for this months Makers Lunch not only because her fine raku work is widely admired, but because I have been an enthusiast since first seeing her work about three years ago. She was delighted to be back at Bevere again and to be featured along with Midori Takaki and Martin McWilliam.

During the time spent in the gallery before lunch, Debbie explained the process of 'naked raku' and how her extraordinary decorative technique was developed. Her original work in textiles was evident in the patterning and her love of medeival design. What is important however is that all her designs are deftly transcribed in the making process.

Debbie's creative drive will always ensure that her approach to making will develop over time and she is currently beginning to experiment with the use of a wider colour palette. It was generally agreed that the dilemma for all makers with a distinctive voice is that change in a sense runs counter to the very reason why their work is so popular. However, it is  nevertheless that creative spirit and necessity will prevail and alternate series of work will be developed.

Debbie has robust quality control. She has to feel very positive about a piece before it is allowed on the market. This was evident  given the comments about the tactility, shape and burnished finish of each pot. What emerged very clearly was that the pot was the 'canvas' for Debbie's expression of ideas around pattern and decoration. At the moment she felt that she had taken the naked raku technique about as far as she could..

Once again the Makers Lunch was a memorable experience and one that combined learning more about individual making and creativity with eating excellent food over a leisurely lunch– what could be better!
Stuart Dickens
Ceramic Curator
4 June 2017
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