Saturday, 16 May 2009

Book of the Month - May

This month we have chosen Rosemary Cochrane 's

"Salt - Glaze Ceramics " to support the South Wales Potters association which is the Gallery's featured exhibition this month

Height Size 29.2cm, width 22.9cm, thickness 2cm and weight 36 oz

"This is a book about the skill and technique, as well as the art, of the salt-glaze potter, whose story continues to be written"
Jane Hamlyn

Brand new copy - Signed

Potters and collectors alike are captivated by the distinctive surface qualities of salt glaze. Its revival amongst studio potters has produced some beautiful and exciting work. In a rich and authoritative text, the author shares her own fascination with salt glaze, bringing together her practical experience and skills.

Lavish illustrations throughout show the textures and colours that characterize old and contemporary salt glaze. Whether you wish to become involved in salt glaze by making and firing pots, or to gain a wider appreciation with an insight into the process, there is a wealth of information to enjoy within the chapters of this book.

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