Saturday, 2 May 2009

South Wales Potters at the Gallery

South Wales

Association is one of the largest in the UK with over 100 members including full-time potters, sculptors and students. Established in1964, SWPA was the first regional pottery organisation. The members exhibiting their work in this show have been selected to represent the diverse talents within the Association. One of the aims is to demonstrate the versatility of clay, which is clearly evident in this engaging exhibition.

These pictures show the potters gathered in the sunshine at The Gallery at Bevere and some of
the makers together with their pots-

Paul Baker, Jason Braham, Rosemary Cochrane,
Avril Farley,Wendy Green, Mark Hilde, Christine Gittins,
Anne James, Alison Lochhead, Jane Malvisi, Steve Mills, Andrew Niblett,
Rachel Padley, Pauline Paterson, Ian Rylatt, & Mair Rossiter.

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