Friday, 30 September 2011

Message from Stuart Dickens - October 2011

The Curator's View

The last quarter of 2011 is set to provide a rich variety of new work in the gallery. The first of these is Tina Vlassopulos who has long been a favourite of mine. Among the hand-builders, Tina's vessels stand out for their elegant organic line and subtle burnished shades. The small group of her work currently in the gallery
demonstrates the qualities of her pots very well. There is now a serene corner where, as someone else said, the pots have been made contemplatively for contemplation.

Why is she such a favourite of mine? All the above, plus a real timeless quality which ensures that her work sits well in both contemporary and more traditional settings. The work is made with painstaking craft and her choice of a soft monochrome finish enhances both volume and line. In the hand they are pebble smooth and cool to the touch - no PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH signs here!

There is clearly no hiding my enthusiasm for Tina's work - do come and see for yourself.

Last month I wrote a piece about a new (to us) ceramic artist - Mike Bromage.
I am so pleased with the positive feedback we have had from our visitors. A truly original talent and someone we will continue to promote. The impact of his pots and painting at the entrance to the gallery is such that we intend to leave it for a while longer - do come and see his pieces if you have not had the chance already.


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