Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Map Jewellery

Clare who looks after the jewellery we have on offer in the Gallery tells me that that Fiona Mitcham has some very interesting silverwork in The Graduate Show.

I would like to share with you what Fiona,
who recently graduated from Hereford College of Arts with a First Class Honours degree in Contemporary Applied Arts says about her work-

My jewellery designs are influenced by topographical maps, navigational charts and devices. I enjoy the intricate graphic detailing of both old and foreign maps, exploring the complex layers I discover the subtle variation of line quality, repetition and tiny symbols. Parts of the silver are etched with sections of maps which interact with the bold lines and curves of wire. The maps can be of personal significance, they can represent place, time and memories. On a recent trip to the Oxford Science Museum I discovered ancient aids to navigation, hand crafted devices created to explore and understand the world and solar system. These structures are the inspiration for the strong symbolic forms I create

Fiona will make special jewellery to order if you would like your own village or house featured provided there is a map reference to it. A lovely silver wedding present I think.

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