Wednesday, 28 April 2010

MILE STONE - 6000th Pot

6000th Objects D'art item posted to web site -
Chris Carter's Barrelled stoneware pot ( Thrown and altered)
This special pot will be on show and for sale in his solo Exhibition "Of This Earth" starting on May 1st 2010

"When I heard that we had inputted 6000 pots on to the Gallery website since the re-launch of the gallery in 2006 it was quite a revelation. We have had the pleasure of showing some of the most exciting studio potters in the UK and beyond and yet, there is some wonderful serendipity in the fact that the 6000th should have been made by Chris Carter one of the country’s unsung masters of his craft.
This simple vessel is anything but simple. It is modest in size but its volume is considerably enhanced by the barrel shape and the matt black interior which gives the pot – as with all Carter’s work – the potential to be ‘something else’.
We know that Chris puts great store by ‘rightness’ and this vessel seems just right from the signature carved foot to the elegantly thrown shoulder. This pot is part of a wonderful solo show of Chris’s work which is running for the month of May. The range of pots is stunning and some of the best of his work I have seen. Not to be missed."

Stuart Dickens
Ceramic Curator

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