Monday, 19 April 2010


We are delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit these rarely painted views of Worcester.  They are for sale in the Gallery and are available to purchase on line

 Tom says
"Inspired by the ordinary, my interest is in taking a snapshot of everyday urban
life and preserving the beauty of something that is often overlooked, using canvas and paint.

  My paintings range from impressionistic to photo-realistic, the latter being the style selected for the show in Worcester, in order to most effectively translate that freeze-frame moment onto canvas.
Influences range from Lowry to Hopper and of course the American photo-realists of the 1960s and 1970s such as Goings and Estes."

Most  of Tom White's paintings, such as the ones at  we have at The Gallery at Bevere are a result of an on the spot sketch using the pochade box with acrylics ( or oils if he have time for them to dry) and photos, from which the final painting is completed in the studio.




 He has  also got preliminary sketches for 2 more Worcester paintings which should be completed soon".


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