Saturday, 1 May 2010


                               Chris Carter's Waisted Stoneware - thrown and altered

We really are spoilt for choice this month. Almost any one of
the fifty six pieces in this show could have been selected. However
there is one vessel that stands out for me and it is this Waisted Stoneware. It
is 37.5cm high with a burnished flinted copper glaze. 

It needs to be touched. It has a genuinely sensuous quality and Chris Carter’s passion for throwing and his undoubted skill as a thrower are reflected in the volume and lines of this wonderful pot. 

As with so many of the pieces in this show, the interior is matt
black and this gives the illusion of added volume – a sense that the pot has
the capacity to be even greater than it is. Chris Carter’s talks about a‘sense
of rightness’ when a pot is finished and if objective evidence of this sense
were needed then I think that this pot will do very well.

Stuart Dickens - Gallery Ceramic Curator

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