Saturday, 4 March 2017


We have just held our inaugural Maker's Lunch and given the very positive feedback from the participants, we anticipate that it will be the first of many.

The idea of setting aside a couple of hours over lunch for informal and insightful discussion between one of our featured makers and ceramic enthusiasts, is seen as part of the Bevere ethos of promoting, educating and informing about studio ceramics, as well as showing and selling. This first event involved Jin Eui Kim – the Korean ceramicist who now lives and works in Cardiff.

Jin was an excellent choice for the first event. He responded so well to a wide range of questions about his making technique, the philosophy that underpins his brilliant pieces and wider issues about his influences and interests. His masterful work was viewed at length along with the work of two other featured makers – Ali Tomlin and Martin Pearce. Whilst their pieces could not be more contrasting,  their evident design and making skills provided further discussion points – there were no uncomfortably pauses as the questions and opinions continued unabated throughout our meal together.

It is always salutary to hear a Master Potter – and Jin has to be deserving of that title – say that he is still learning. I suspect that, despite his young age, he will be saying that throughout his making life. Such is his innate modesty and his creative curiosity.

Thank you Jin for getting the programme off to such an inspirational start.

Stuart Dickens
Ceramic Curator
4th March 2017

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