Thursday, 23 February 2017

Ceramic Curator's View -March 2017

"The passage of time is sometimes bewildering, I can hardly believe that we are now preparing for the March featured makers, when it seemed but yesterday that we were putting out the February exhibitors. Enough of this existential musing and on to the important business of who we are featuring during March.

We have two makers who are new to Bevere, Martin Pearce and Ali Tomlin and the work of

 Jin Eui Kim who has been showing at Bevere for some time. I am particularly pleased that Jin will be here for the Maker's Lunch that we have on 3rd March. His beautifully crafted pieces have such a distinct quality that having him here to talk about how he approaches the design as well as the making of his exceptional vessels will be a special start to the month.  His interest is in tonal effects and spatial illusions and each piece impacts on our senses as we take in the elegance of his design and the immaculate skills inherent in his decoration.

Martin Pearce  brings an entirely different perspective.  In his own words '….....the development of form is at the root of my work; the interplay of shape and surface creating the individual character of a piece. Non-figurative in nature, the pieces present many points of reference.....'  I am certain that these handbuilt pieces will generate strong and positive responses from our visitors  and I am excited at the prospect of showing this stimulating work for the first time.

Ali Tomlin  provides yet more contrast in  design, choice of materials and decorating technique. The use of almost paperthin porcelain provides the most effective vehicle for her mark making. I like the way in which she demonstrates a spontaneity in her approach and yet creating pieces that have that 'complete' look.

Once again I am delighted that we are able to feature a small group of makers  that epitomise the range and diversity of the craft. "

Stuart Dickens - Ceramic Curator

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