Wednesday, 27 January 2016

THE CURATOR'S VIEW – February 2016

The Graduate Show was a success for exhibitors and for the gallery's reputation for supporting emerging talent in ceramics and the applied applied arts. At the time of writing, I am unaware of the winner of the visitors' poll to find their favourite maker, but I am aware that there are several contenders - judging by the voting so far.

It is always a problem setting up the gallery after the buzz of the Graduate Show, however, I am in no doubt that February is the most fitting start to the featured maker programme given it is the Gallery's 10th anniversary year  – sorry to mention it again.

 Furthermore we have the good fortune to be showing the latest work made by Jane Hamlyn, one of a trio of makers  
who made up our first ceramic exhibition in 2006. Jane is a doyenne of studio ceramics and the quality, design and decoration of her work has always been amongst the best. I am delighted to see her featured in the gallery again.

Another Bevere favourite is Clare Crouchman.
Her work spans the so called craft/ fine art divide. Her wall mounted work has developed and matured year on year and she has developed a readily recognisable and distinct voice which I know enhances many a private home. Not only is her imagery admired but the making technique is often remarked on. I am in no doubt that visitors will enjoy her work as much as they have in past showings.

The third featured maker this month is Warwick based Claire Seneviratne.  She is new to Bevere and we are pleased to be able to show her striking smoke fired pots as well as her jewellery.
 This attractive decorative rather than functional ware which I know will make an impact in the gallery.

Once again, if there are issues which you would like to comment on or indeed constructive views about what we strive to achieve in the  gallery do not hesitate to engage with me either through the blog page or in person if you see me at Bevere.


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    modern landscape paintings

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