Monday, 11 January 2016


Well – we have had the opening day of the Graduate Show. As ever there had been concern initially about the potential number of visitors  - particularly as some of the graduates were able to be with us – and of course their response to the exhibition. Any apprehension soon evaporated. We had an encouraging turn out and the response was universally positive. Many felt this was one of our best Graduate Shows and importantly, that it successfully embraced current trends in design and process with the more traditional making techniques.

What emerged were two important issues from a gallery perspective.  Firstly, the growing use of computer aided design and 3D printing fascinated and intrigued our visitors. What's more, whilst the making process provoked curiosity, it was the overall quality and attraction of the objects on which the viewer's judgement was reached. In other words, it is the outcome rather than the process which is their prime concern

Secondly, one of our regular clients commented that, if he hadn't already known it was a Graduate Show, the quality of the exhibits was equal to the high standards he normally expected at Bevere -  praise indeed.
 We are particularly pleased with the rich diversity of the show and whilst we cannot say that the exhibitors are the best of the 2015 crop of graduates, they must certainly rank amongst them.

If you haven't yet been to the show do try before the end of the month. If you have been and enjoyed it, do come again. There are sure to be pieces that you missed first time around or are worthy of a second look.

Stuart Dickens
Ceramic Curator

Stuart would like to chat with you  about this show so do leave a comment -  we would be very interested to know what you think

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