Thursday, 3 September 2015

THE CURATOR'S VIEW – September 2015

"We are grateful for the continuing positive feedback from the Gallery's visitors. Whilst most of it is complimentary about so many aspects of what we try to achieve, it is the engagement itself between staff and visitor that is most important whatever opinions are expressed.

Studio ceramics is a live craft; it impacts on our senses as good art should and often demands to be touched. There is something almost preternatural about the pleasure we gain from holding or caressing a tactile vessel or sculptural piece. Equally it is clear that even the inexperienced gallery visitor gains something from articulating his or her feelings about a maker's work. We will always encourage that dialogue – please do chat with us when you have the chance.      

Adam Frew
is the new name to the Gallery this month. He lives and works in Northern Ireland. He loves to throw pots - which is good news in the era of the cast and computer-designed vessel. His signature is his quirky decoration which adds a strong contemporary feel to his functional work. It is that quirkiness which brings renewed pleasure to the owner on each occasion they are used."

Rachel Wood

has featured at Bevere a number of times over past years and her work always pleases. She is strongly influenced by the spirit of place, as a recent residency in Australia demonstrated. Her distinctive painterly decoration will impress those who have not seen her work before and renew the admiration of those that have. I am particularly taken with the shape and volume of her bowls. I know that presence is an overworked word in our vocabulary but they certainly have it.

Chiu-I Wu
is a ceramic sculptor with self-evident oriental influences – she was born in Taiwan - but with a contemporary design that appealed to so many who saw and bought her work when she was last at Bevere. Her craft skills are of the highest order with immaculate attention to detail. This is work that is about line and perspective – it is often that elegance of the whole look of her work that catches the eye. More than that the pieces are distinctly hers".

Stuart Dickens

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