Saturday, 5 September 2015

Newsy article by Potter Pete Higgs "Spooky Event"

 "I just wanted to share this with you, it may make an interesting piece for the blog!

Iain and I were recently in France on a house hunting trip and decided this time to rent a gite as we were basing our search in the area just south of Poitiers. Online I found a lovely gite near Ruffec called Le Bois de L'Eglise and we had a great week. The owners, Tony and Bev are a great couple and have been really helpful with our house search and the evening before we left, they asked us over to their farmhouse for a meal. Halfway through the meal on the terrace, I glanced over to the doorway and did a double take. There on a stand next to the door was one of my leaf sculptures! It turned out that Tony had bought it for Bev a few years ago from the Bevere Gallery website. And it was shipped over to them.

We were all dumbfounded by this chance of fate. What are the odds that I randomly choose this location to stay and this gite too. Even then, if Tony and Bev hadn't been such a nice couple, then we wouldn't have been on their terrace to be reunited with one of my own sculptures 700 miles from home?"
 This leaf was sold during Bevere Gallery's very first Sculpture Trail in the Gardens of Bevere Knoll
Through the years Pete has made numerous garden sculptures including many leaves.  We do have just one leaf  at the moment available in the Gallery.

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