Saturday, 3 May 2014


Before I embark on our May featured makers I must comment on the Art for Outdoors events. The first show of the season looks stunning and we are all delighted with the serene atmosphere that the space now generates. We take the view that good art can add so much to the garden and this series of shows throughout the summer will do much to convince our visitors that nature, ceramics and sculpture are mutually enhancing. Try and catch the exhibitions if you can (see the exhibitions page for  more details & the dates); take your time however - serenity can enhance your wellbeing.
In the gallery this month we are featuring three very different makers. From Eire, we have Mandy Parslow for the first time.
She is an established figure in Irish ceramics and her work is exhibited worldwide. I saw her recently at Ceramic Art London and her display reaffirmed the decision to invite her to show at Bevere. Her work is subtle, organic and tactile; the pots are redolent of ceramic tradition and yet have a distinctly contemporary feel. I am sure her work will be popular with our visitors.
Jill Fanshawe Kato has been shown at Bevere
Parian Ware by Lara Scobie
over a number of years and the small group of her pieces featured this month is finely decorated. She has been very successful in Japan in recent years and the oriental feel to the wildlife motifs on her vessels is perhaps one of the reasons plus of course the respect which the Japanese have for the skilled ceramicist.
Lara Scobie provides a new body of work which has impressed in previous showings. Her use of Parian clay ensures that her distinctive decorative style is shown to best effect and responds so well to light. Lara’s work is well designed, functional and with a strong contemporary feel.

 Carolyn Genders new work will continue to be shown along with her wonderful large garden pieces in the Art for Outdoors show
We also have new pieces from the Leach trained potter Nic Harrison, including five tea bowls marked ‘B’ to indicate that they were made when he undertook a residency at Bevere some time ago.

Once again we have a body of contrasting and high quality ceramics which we are confident you will enjoy. Hope to see you soon!

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